Meeting Notes – September 2023


  • October meetings
  • Baronial and Kingdom News
  • Sir Walter Raleigh
  • Birthday


  • 5th – Dance and Mythology – Odile teaches dance and Karl mythology after dance
  • 12th – Birthday prep – whatever Odile needs us to do as a group for birthday
  • 19th – no meeting – WOW week
  • 26th – business meeting

Baronial news:

last meeting was intended to be a newcomer demo – no newcomers attended

Kingdom news:

  • Coronation next weekend
  • new Kingdom award for groups – Golden Lamp for Comedia group received
  • Duke Demo – 8 pp signed up newcomers, one of which attended university and took autocrat classes, around 60 pp attended event
  • clarification – if spiking an event with no flyer will not go in Acorn – hence demo was an event but, not managed same way as a regular event

Sir Walter Raleigh:

  • hoping for Haw River Ballroom but Murphy School tentatively held
  • possible future site recommended by Lady Caitrina – Veterans of Foreign Wars site in Durham on Dearborn.


  • new registrar – Adair – and birthday registration is live on Scores
  • volunteers acquired – MOL Candace Smith, Alicia deputy, Thrown weapons – Sir Cedric, MIC – Rufus, field coordinator – Caitrina
  • open field next to site acquired for use 
  • zoom staff meeting will be planned soon
  • staff needed – camping coordinator, head of security, facility coordinator, parking coordinator, water supply coordinator
  • Odile will put shout outs for volunteers and Caitrina will ask some folks she knows possible volunteers
  • activity ideas – captain hook hooks on a board ring toss, flame bandanas for cooks, tokens ordered, will get tokens for feast purchases, Cedric figuring out grapling hooks, Annais suggested grappling hook activity with foam curlers for kids