Seneschal: Annais Attewode (she, her)
The seneschal is the administrative officer (sort of like club president) and legal representative of the group. The seneschal’s duties include (but are by no means limited to) chairing meetings and reporting up the chain of command.

Exchequer: Ríoghnach inghean Uí Clérigh (she, her)
The exchequer serves as the group treasurer and is responsible for balancing the checkbook and distributing funds as necessary.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Position vacant
The minister of arts and sciences (commonly called “MoAS”) is responsible for cultivating and promoting the practice of medieval arts and sciences among the group. While a group MoAS often has some interest and skill in one or more A&S activities, this is not required! Rather, the MoAS helps other members pursue A&S activities by putting them in touch with experts on a certain topic, scheduling classes, encouraging participation in competitions, and so forth.

If you would like to apply for the position, please contact the seneschal.

Chatelain: Charles Fleming
The chatelaine (sometimes also referred to as Gold Key, Chamberlain, Hospitaller or Castellan) is the officer responsible for helping newcomers get oriented to the group. (Of course, all our members love to meet and greet newcomers, so don’t be shy!) The chatelaine also maintains a collection of ‘loaner’ garb and feast gear that newcomers can borrow for their first few events. (We know that sooner or later, you’ll want to make or buy your own!)

Herald:  James of Middle Aston
The herald’s job is twofold: coordinating verbal announcements at events (either during the day or at court) and helping members research and submit medieval names and device. In some groups (mostly larger groups), heralds may also maintain the group “Order of Precedence,” or lists of awards members have received.

Chronicler: The chronicler take notes at the business meetings and makes sure they get posted onto the website. We do not have a chronicler at the moment.

If you would like to apply for the position, please contact the seneschal.

Webminister: Vacant
The webminister designs and maintains the group website and administers the group’s electronic mailing list.

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