Meeting Notes – December 2023

January Calendar:

  • 4th Social and Bring What You’re Working On
  • 11th Dancing
  • 18th Norse Mythology
  • 25th Business Meeting

Barony and Kingdom News:

  • Disclaimers are ready to be used on all social media sites
  • Knights Marshal job – Charles has applied – has asked Annais to reach out to Kingdom marshal to help approval process along to get official fighter practices up and running

Sir Walter Raleigh Ball:

  • advertising plan – there are a lot of FB groups, dance websites that Charles is going to reach out to as soon as ticket sales are up and running on SCORES
  • Honey Girl meadery is booked and all paperwork is complete – Meadery has their own insurance policy and we’re covered as 401 C 3 non-profit as we are not receiving money for the mead dispensing
  • Charles has asked a radio station to do a public service announcement – however, laws have changed and FCC says public radios no longer need to promote local events for free

2024 Ideas for the year:

  • Hodge of Montemusa: pilgrimage idea from a western kingdom 12th night event that is planned – feast stations each with inspiration from a different city along the pilgrimage path, bag of cowry shells at gate that are stamped and to be used as currency at the event, bring items to trade
  • Birthday theme idea – Hobbits: meals very 2 hours, different cultures, different feastocrats for each course (with one person in charge of organizing), keep it in peasant theme, field games
  • Make fighter practices official
  • Plant an SCA chapter at a college
  • Meetings at the Hillsborough pavilion – have some weather permitting outdoor meeting in the park under the farmers market pavilion to attract newcomers, good open area for fighter practice, wear garb
  • Merge rapier practice with heavy – Charles asked Annais to help bridge gap with rapier marshal (Bambi recommend asking King Ragnar)
  • Regular Archery practice – Annais has offered her back yard that faces open woods