Meeting Minutes – September 2019

Buckston Business Meeting
24 September 2019
In Attendance: 
Una, Caitrina (by phone), Annais, Aesa, Bambi, Jennie, Trina, Saxi

Baronial Meeting


  • We now have a legal title & plates for the trailer
  • There are sets of keys for the Pennsic shed for baronial officers.
  • Manus and Sophie volunteered to be camp stewards for next year; were told it’s too early to stake claim

Baronial Polling

Letters of intent for new baron/baroness start October 5th; closes November 2nd.

War of the Wings / WoW

  • Baronial camp is sited with Raven’s Cove
  • As usual, there will be a camp fee
  • Court is on Friday, and great court on Saturday
  • There are new showers at WoW – the ones in the building are apparently off-limits now
  • There will be garb challenge (Adams Family)
  • Barter town will take place near the castle at noon on Friday
  • Martial participants can pre-sign in. Details on facebook.


  • 80% of staff covered
  • There will be a site walk-through in January

Next Meeting

The next baronial meeting will be at Crowder District park on October 13th. We will be at the Robin Pavilion, not the usual Cardinal Shelter.

Buckston Business


Our Halloween party will be October 24th, as we are taking Halloween off. It will be a potluck, as usual, and Una will post a sign-up sheet for food.

Exchequer’s Report

No changes since last month. Account balance is $4,647.00

Meeting Time and Location Changing

This is our last meeting at St. Matthew’s Church. Starting in October, we will be meeting at the Fellowship Hall of the Hillsborough United Methodist Church at 130 W. Tryon Street in Hillsborough.

Meetings will be THURSDAYS from 7-9 pm.

Information and map available on our site here:

Buckston Birthday / Labyrinth Event


  • Troll volunteers secured at meeting: Aesa, Jennie, Una, and Annais
  • Still need a brute squad
  • Still need a herald – Dunstan has been contacted
  • Still lining up kids activities people
  • Marshals are covered

Other Details

  • We have 4 vendors as of today
  • We will have a heralds point


Finé would like to do a silk banner class (how to, not make and take) for us in Dec / Jan

Possible Future Meetings

  • Camaraderie Night (outdoor games + potluck food)
  • Tabletop Games
  • Woad
  • Movie Night

A&S on the Website

Bambi suggests everyone making a 3-4 minute video of “their thing” to place on the website. The general consensus was that having a gallery and/or videos would be a cool thing.

Aesa will look at our site usage, possibility of a YouTube channel for hosting, etc.

Future Meetings


3 – Mulling spices make & take
10 – Dance
17 – No meeting (War of the Wings)
24 – Business Meeting & Halloween Party


7 – Dance
14 – Possibility of: Benetessa presenting Wedding Superstitions
21 – Business Meeting
28 – No meeting (Thanksgiving)