Meeting Minutes – October 2021

Meeting Minutes – October 2021
28 October 2021 Business Meeting
Canton of Buckston on Eno
via Zoom
Attending: Caitrina, Aesa, Una, Ríoghnach, Maria (Bambi), Sarah

Future Meetings
Nov 4 – Bring What You’re Working On
11 – Last Minute Party Planning
18 – Business Meeting

Troll for the Event
2:00-3:30: Una, Caitrina, Sarah
3:30-5:00 Rí, Karl, Sarah

Church fellowship hall is still closed

We don’t need our wooden signs from storage for the event.

Benetessa wants to know if we want to combine our A&S nights with Elvegast since we’re both meeting on Thursday nights.

Una will shout-out for the officers.