Meeting Minutes – March 2020

Buckston Business Meeting
26 March 2020
In attendance: 
Una, Caitrina, Jennie, Ríoghnach, Aesa, Kaya, Jason.

Misc. Items

  • Note the SCA Virtual Classroom group on facebook.
  • Charles’ tasting for feast was going to be this weekend, but it has been cancelled.
  • The city of Durham and Orange County are under Shelter in Place right now.
  • Kaya suggests that we do zoom meetings even after we start up again, to allow members from farther away to participate. It’s something we can try, as the church has wi-fi.
  • Upcoming A&S suggestion – redo the bookbinding class online that Adele presented last meeting. Jennie will speak with her about getting online docs, and Una will send pictures to Caitrina.
  • Caitrina has finished up the first blog entry from Catarina’s heralding class; she should be posting it within the next week or so.
  • Caitrina needs stuff for the Windlore!
  • Una thinks we should plan for Birthday and University, and then cancel if need be.

University Bid

We are still interested in submitting a bid for University. Due to Birthday being in November, the February or June universities make more sense. Caitrina has been in contact with Drea, who suggested that when approaching schools about being a host site it helps to have a presentation about the SCA, emphasizing the educational nature of the organization. So, we’re thinking about either making such a presentation, or asking around to see if someone has already done the heavy lifting on that.

Caitrina will be on-staff at Excelsior next school year, and is interested in asking them to be a site for University.

Thursday Meetings

Any ideas for new meetings?

  • Garb night. Someone hosting and walking through a pattern through video chat.
  • We also wouldn’t need to keep our regular meeting time – could put out an online poll, etc.
  • There are classes being scheduled on the Atlantian calendar:
  • Catrina will be doing: walnut gall ink and rabbit glue, and is willing to tape the process.
  • Kaya is interested in a class to make it look like she’s done something with her hair, but without a hood or veil. Una suggests a turban-thing. Kaya wants an easy hairstyle.
  • For birthday, we are doing a costume competition where voting takes place with tiny bunnies. Anyone in the garb challenge gets a pouch to collect their voting bunnies. So, we’ll need to make the pouches for people who are in the challenge.

Birthday Discussion


  1. Costumes: 1. Period appropriate garb, 2. Anything goes (populace vote.)
  2. Poetry Competition: Jabberwocky Jibberish (Caitrina)
  3. Mad About Hats: Populace vote(?) (Annais)
  4. Feed Your Head Science Fair (Jennie)

Other Activities

  • Sophie may be doing something with I Firenzi.
  • Small scrolls for the costume competitions – 1st and 2nd prize.
  • When we get the write-ups for the competition, we can post on the website.
  • There will be heavy (possibly), archery, thrown weapons.
  • Feastocrat bids accepting until the end of May.
  • Aesa contacted HYAA about the field; they don’t think there will be a problem, but it will need to go before their board.

Budget Discussion

Nothing budgetary was set in stone, but there was a lot of discussion on lunch, feast, and what sort of budget we’d need for decorating and activities.

We may need a separate cash box for lunch. We did talk about lunch boxes to go out to the field. There are boats in the baronial shed. Think about $6 vs $5 for lunch. Caitrina is putting together a proposal for that. “Lunch Tea”.

Discussion of $12 a plate instead of $10. Perhaps a budget of $840 to break even at selling 70 seats. Feastocrat prepares for 88 people.

Admission: Kids $5 and *maybe* $12 for members.

Hall rental will cost more this year: $320 for Friday (setup) and Saturday

We’ve paid $30 for bunnies for costume contest voting.

We’d like to get big posters printed to advertise for lunch and dinner.

Decoration idea: Wonky signpost.

Painted box for photo opportunity. Ideas: Big-head queen, playing cards. Picture props (Chesire cat, funny mustaches, etc.)

Half-sheets of paper with quotes from the books that you hand out because you like something about their outfit, what they’ve done, etc.


Classes are still a possibility.

Hall A – food hall, classes. Big enough for 2 classes at a time.

Hall B – poetry, bardic, dance.

A&S could be set up in both halls.

Field Notes

  • Keet will probably do archery again.

  • George will do thrown weapons, if he’s available.

  • Percy may be able to do rapier.

  • We need to talk with Catarina and see if fighters will be available since we are running opposite a royal progression event in Virginia (we couldn’t change our weekend because the hall was not available.)

  • No merchants – barter town.

  • No special kid entertainment. Last year was crazy!

Next Week:

Maybe online meeting; bring what you’re working on.