Meeting Minutes – January 2022

Buckston Business Meeting
27 Jan 202
via zoom
Ríoghnach, Una, Bambi, Anne, Caitrina, Aesa

Ríoghnach presented the new financial policy. Una motion, Caitrina seconded. Unanimously passed.

Excelsior Demo. Will only be cancelled if kingdom is closed. Go/no go is April 1st. Demo is April 23. Attilium ladies will come up and dance, combat and archery will be there. 

Upcoming Events:

University is next weekend. YMIR and KASF are still on the books for the moment.


3 – Social

10 – Bring what you’re working on

17 – Buckston Birthday Brainstorming

24 – Business Meeting

Discussion of officer futures – Una would like to get a deputy. Anne said she’d be willing to train to be seneschal if we need.

Buckston Birthday 46

November 12th – Alice in Wonderland