Meeting Minutes – August 2020

Buckston on Eno Business Meeting
27 August 2020
Aesa, Annais, Caitrina, Jennie, Kaya, Maria / Bambi, Sarah, Una

Birthday Bash

Changing Birthday Bash to a Birthday Bardic after Kingdom Court on that day. Una will contact Simone at kingdom level again to see if she wants us to remove our Spike because it’s no longer a full event. Una proposed; Aesa seconded. Motion passed.


  • There is a person who would like to donate 16 bankers boxes worth of fabric to the SCA; it came from the estate of a deceased SCA member. Una suggests we do it over a zoom meeting, and then figure out a way to get it distributed. Caitrina suggests perhaps using the Facebook SCA Yardsale Group. Una will contact the lady and see what she’d like us to do. Sarah says she’ll help with it; Caitrina has her contact information.
  • July 29th announcement about meeting in person:

    Baronial Deputy Seneschal / Thrown Weapons marshal is prepared to reopen thrown weapons activities. He is asking whether anyone wants to open up a practice; no more than 10 people at a time. There will be precautions (social distancing, masks.) Biweekly Saturday between 8am-1pm.

    Target archery may also open up.

    Small A&S groups are now ok as well.

  • Caitrina brings up moving the meetings back to Tuesday. It would allow people to come to both our and Elvegast’s meetings. We decided to stay on Thursdays to avoid confusion (and change.)