March 2023 – Meeting Minutes


  • April meetings
  • Birthday
  • April demo
  • Walter Raleigh 2
  • baronial meeting recap
  • Hillsborough Last Fridays

April meetings:

  • 6th – open
  • 13th – Norse mythology by Karl
  • 20th – social
  • 27th – business meeting

Future meetings A&S ideas: bookbinding (Odile getting permission from another instructor to borrow literature to teach class), largesse for incoming TRMs, sunshade class from Bambi, silk banners (Caitrina)  looking at a few of these for May

Birthday: Odile offered to be the autocrat, Charles will spike the event, Princess Bride and/or pirate/outlaws of the knowne world theme, idea by Ursula that groups attending event can be organized into groups/crews as they arrive, ideas for locations – wanting a wet site: optimist farm, little river event center, American legion, moose lodge – Charles will investigate possible sites.

Walter Raleigh 2: looking at end of January 

April Demo: April 8th at Duke in front of Chapel, 10 am to 4 pm, 12-15 volunteers so far, fighting and rebated steel, tea ceremony, calligraphy, games, gothic architecture, TRMs attending, hospitality

Baronial meeting: next 2 Ymir dates set, Duke Barry is the new baronial seneschal

Hillsborough Last Fridays: Starting in April Last Fridays from 6-8pm, vendors and others welcome to put up a table and do their thing, location were looked at that appear to be reserved by certain organizations, does not need to be organized, the group agreed to scout out a possible site at April’s Last Friday event.