Buckston’s Buccaneer Birthday 2023

Pirate Costume Party
Saturday, Nov 11
7678 Snow Camp Rd
Feast Dance Battles Axes Games Homebrew

Who: Everyone is welcome!

What: An all-day festival in honor of our living history club‘s 47th year! This year the theme is 16th C pirates. Long before Blackbeard sailed the Carolina coast, sailors dreaded the Barbary Corsairs, pirate queens like Grace O’ Malley and Sayyida al-Hurra, and state-sponsored privateers like Walter Raleigh and Francis Drake.

When: Saturday, November 11, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

American Legion Post 305
7678 Snow Camp Rd
Snow Camp, NC 27349

Why: Cheer for tournaments and battles, play games of skill, enter art contests, shop for arts and crafts, enjoy a commedia dell’arte performance, applaud the award winners, sit down for a lavish banquet, then stay late for singing and dancing.


  • Online registration is open until November 8th. You will need a free account at SCA.org. Or simply pay at the door.
  • This is a costume party. Wear a pirate costume, some other historical costume from before 1600, or pick one from our rolling costume closet.
  • Camping is available.
  • You may bring your own food and drink. All state and local laws concerning alcohol and contraband will be strictly enforced.


Tournaments are open to adults who hold current SCA authorization cards. If you are interested in free martial arts lessons with the SCA, contact the Chatelain (greeter) for your local club.
  • Rapier Combat

  • In addition to single combat, we are planning a “Repel Boarders!” melee. Rubber band guns would be a welcome addition to the swordplay.

  • Armored Combat

  • Pirates raided towns as well as other ships. In addition to single combat, we are planning a “Town Battle” where the objective is to fight your way into town, grab the treasure, and escape to the ship without being shot or hacked or thrown into the bay.


These are open to everyone!
  • Target Archery

    Bring your own longbow or recurve, or borrow one of ours. (Compound bows are too modern.)

  • Axe or Knife Throwing

  • Bring your own, or borrow some of ours.

  • Grappling Hook Toss

  • Details coming soon.

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Details coming soon.

  • Knotwork

  • Can you master all these naughty nautical knots?

  • Dancing

  • After dinner, we’ll do an assortment of fun Renaissance dances from England, France and Italy. All will be taught and called, so no experience is necessary. If you have ever done square dancing, contra dancing, or ECD, you already know most of the steps!

  • Bardic Circle

  • Join around the fire to sing pirate songs and tell stories.


These are open to everyone!
  • Wanted Poster

  • Make up a Wanted poster for any actual 16th C pirate, privateer, or corsair. For example, Spain could want Walter Raleigh for theft and murder even though England thought him a hero. Extra points for cool historical details, artwork, or additional supporting information (“documentation”) about your pirate.
  • Costume Contest

  • Strut your stuff on the runway! Separate prizes for the most authentic 16th C outfit, the most pirate-y, and the cutest kid outfit.

  • Brewing

  • Bring us your best homebrew to sample!


  • Adult SCA members $15 …Interested in membership?
  • Adult Non-members $20
  • Children 6-17 $5
  • Children 0-5 FREE
  • Feast, all ages $15


More details coming soon.

9:00 AMGate opens. Rolling costume closet opens.
10:00 AMOpening Ceremonies (“morning court”)
TBDArchery, thrown weapons, and grappling hooks open.
TBDCostume Contest
4:00 PMPick up art contest entries.
5:00 PMAward Ceremony (“evening court”)
6:00 PMFeast!
8:00 PMCampfire Stories and Songs (“bardic circle”)
1:00 PMEverything packed up and off site.

Tudor Feast $15

First Course: Appetizers

Modern NameGluten FreeMilk FreeNut FreeNo Red MeatVege-

Second Course: Charcouterie Platter

Modern NameGluten FreeMilk FreeNut FreeNo Red MeatVege-
Italian Sausagexxx
Liver Sausagexxx
Smoked Fishxxxx
Zatarain’s Creole Mustardxxxxx
Country Hamxxx
Pickled Green Peppercornsxxxxx

Second Course: Bread and Cheese Platter

Modern NameGluten FreeMilk FreeNut FreeNo Red MeatVege-
Roasted Whole Garlicxxxxx
White Breadxxxx
Quince Pastexxxxx
Green Onion Tasselsxxxxx
Gluten Free Optionxxxxx

Third Course: Pies and Salad

Modern NameGluten FreeMilk FreeNut FreeNo Red MeatVege-tarian
Steak and Ale Piex
Spinach Piexxx
Mushroom and Cheese Piexxx
Mixed Saladxxxxx

Fourth Course: Roast with Sides

Modern NameGluten FreeMilk FreeNut FreeNo Red Meat Vege-tarian
Turkey Sausage Linksxxxx
Cornish Hensxxxx
Garlic Chardxxxxx
Leeks & Turnipsxxxx

Fifth Course: Dessert

Modern NameGluten FreeMilk FreeNut FreeNo Red MeatVege-tarian
Stewed Applesxxxxx
Bread Puddingxxx

As far as possible, everything in this feast will be made from scratch–absolutely no canned broth, bouillon, or anything containing modern flavor enhancers. The same goes for dyes. We may not raise all our meat, vegetables and dairy, but they are the purest we can afford. The bread flour is organic from Lindley Mill in Graham, NC. Honey is from local bees. In particular, we check all our meats to ensure they are not “enhanced with a solution” of God-knows-what. We have the containers if you want to read the labels.
We do our best to segregate meat from wheat and dairy, but everything will come out of one kitchen. Dust and crumbs might travel.
Fowl will be prepared separately from red meat, so there won’t be pork juice on your chicken.
We have no soy or soy products in any of our dishes. We have no shellfish in any of our dishes.
Could there be sulfites in the wine or dried fruit? Yes.
We don’t use canola oil. We are cooking with light olive oil or butter. If you are sensitive to olives, please let the kitchen know and we’ll advise you on what to avoid.


AutocratIngrid ToweyLady Odile de Strasbourgingrid@ib-ent.com
Head ChefBrian ToweyLord Charles Flemingcbt@ib-ent.com
Marshal in ChargeMark BurnetteBaron Rufus Barbarossarufus.barbarossa@gmail.com
RegistrationCatherine Y KingAdair of Makyswelladairofmakyswell@gmail.com
GateA. PennachiLady Ríoghnach inghean Uí Clérighbirthdayres@buckston.
Hall StewardRuth HarrisMistress Caitilin MacDonoghuecaitlinofbaelfiredun@yahoo.com
Newcomers’ PointGriffin Goshorn
Arts & SciencesSharon WalkerLady Benetessabenetessa@gmail.com
Loaner GarbLaurel McHoneAnnais Attewodelamchone@yahoo.com
Minister of the List
Target Archery
Combat Archery
Thrown Weapons

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