Meeting Notes – January 2024


  • Ymir – gold key and pavilion lending
  • Buckston fighter practice
  • Birthday bid
  • February schedule
  • Sir Walter Raleigh ball


  • 1st T tunic/Viking top – Annais teaching
  • 8th Dancing – Odile
  • 15th Liturgical vestments – Aelfric teaching
  • 22nd Social/ Bring what you’re working on
  • 29th Business meeting

Kingdom and Baronial News:

  • Kingdom considering upping NMR fees from $5 to $7
  • Ravens Cove entering bans with oversight by a vicar
  • Veronica (Caitrina) and Matthew (Aelfric) submitting letter of intent to run for Windmasters Baronage (end of 2024)


  • gold key requested – Alefric offered to man it if someone can get it hitched there, Charles will try with camper hith, Annais ok with lending
  • Charles says the canton pavilion is in the garb trailer and can be used at Ymir as changing room
  • Duke Barry requested garb trailer for a Newcomers Fete and Feast – Annais will reach out to the Duke to discuss it

Fighter Practice:

  • Charles is now officially the canton knight marshal and is going to talk to baronial knight marshal on what the job entails (in order to host offical fighter practices) and reporting requirements
  • Charles wants to advertise practices

Birthday Bid:

  • Karl has bid to be autocrat with a theme of Hobbits – focused on seven meals from seven chefs as an ongoing dayboard at designated times
    • Optimist Farm as first pick
    • multi day event
    • A&S with Lord of the RIngs theme
    • Fighting scenerios like helms deep
    • spears and slings throwing option
    • bad orc poetry competition
    • anticipates 100 pp with 80 for feast ($20 gate and $20 feast price) with each chef having a $200 budget
    • Date November 16
  • a vote to approve bid was approved unanimously

Sir Walter Raleigh:

  • numbers are low for pre-reg though lots of folks saying that they are going to attend
  • site will set up tables
  • flyers have been handed out at the meadery
  • site has insurance and meadery has theirs – no need for ours
  • Amy and Una will hold gate, Tim volunteered gate as well – Amy to get pre reg Wednesday before event from Adair
  • Karl volunteered to run food control – it was greed not to have a sign up for potluck
  • Charles will talk with Meadery on what drinks they are bringing including non alcholoic and what containers they will dispense in
  • It was agreed a school room on site good location for the meadery to set up
  • still need a set list and whether or not there wil be live music or recorded – waiting on dance instructor to provide
  • set up of site: folks are invited to arrive noon or after, event starts at 5 pm, Annais volunteered to run garb trailer for 2 hours and help set up, Amy Gibson is Hall Steward
  • Red table cloths discussed as SWR colors were red and white – Caitrina and Charles have some
  • Veronica and Charles will coordinate plates, cups, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, etc – Veronica will see what she has from last year and so will CHarles
  • where to put food: some may go in the kitchen, also possible corner of main hall or along a wall, a couple of tables for folks to take turns sitting to eat and chairs scattered about, no plan yet confirmed
  • photo booth – suggested for stage, Charles still has life sized cut outs and asked Caitrina for back drop
  • Annais asked for a quiet room to be designated on site
  • Moor the Merry will be bringing and running table top games