Meeting Notes – August 2023


  • Calendar
  • Sir walter raleigh ball
  • Duke demo
  • Baronial Fet and Feast
  • Birthday


  • Sept 7 – Social & Potluck
  • Sept 1 – Dance night
  • Sept 21 – open – looking to get a cartography course taught for birthday buccaneer theme
  • Sept 28 – Business Meeting

Sir Walter Raleigh Ball:

Is spiked but needs a venue – looking at:

  • Haw River Ballroom – they are hesitant to book our group – prefer music/bands
  • Murphy School – tentative hold – Charles might pay the $50 to hold it – cost is about $700 for one day
  • Little River Community Center – doesn’t appear to have an up to date website, no working phone number
  • Old Northern High School¬†
  • Carrington Middle School
  • Haw Bridge School – would possibly allow our group to have an event if Charles agrees to teach a class

Duke demo:

  • can just come period dressed – not required to perform a function
  • east side of campus – parking map coming soon
  • space for volunteers to rest and have a day board

Fet & Feast:

Duke Barry wants to rotate baronial meeting spaces – next one in Fayetteville – Sep 24th – Korean BBQ – mini Renn Faire


  • guests have asked about registering now – Amy prefers to wait until 6 weeks prior to event
  • which registration portal still being decided (new SCORES or the one we used for Raleigh Ball)
  • Have a couple of merchants – it was suggested to blast on Fb for more merchants – it was decided that there was space for 4 10×10 pop up spaces for merchants
  • a site visit is tentatively planned for the 5th with MIC and rapier marshal – Veronica wants to attend
  • tokens – vials, rings were discussed – Odile thinking of buying a token that may require assembly as a group
  • Test feast went well – discussed that meat pies took a while to cook and probably best to split cooking of them between the house and the site