Meeting Minutes – October 2020

Buckston on Eno Business Meeting
22 October 2020
Aesa, Annais, Caitrina, Jennie, Maria / Bambi, Suzanne

Financial Policy

Discussed new financial policy changes requested by Kingdom Exchequer. The only substantive change was to bring our event refund policy in line with kingdom (5 days instead of our more relaxed 7.) Aesa put the policy forward for a vote, Caitrina seconded. Passed unanimously. 

Aesa will send it back to the Kingdom Exchequer for final approval, and we will have met her deadline for having an approved policy in place before the end of the year.

Birthday Bardic

We still need to find a tech person to help out (Aesa is unable due to poor Internet connectivity.)

We’ve had a few bards sign up. Caitrina is working with Dominica Campbell to get more. Apparently there was a recent bardic that went really well – Melchior ran tech on that one.