Meeting Minutes – October 2019

Buckston Business Meeting
October 24, 2019
In attendance: 
Jack, Saxi, Wayne, Amy, Una, Annais, Jennie, Michele, John, Trina, Bambi, Vivian, Catarina, Aric, Zoey, Blake.

Baronial Information

  • Baronial workday is now Saturday November 23rd at the shed.
  • Baronial meeting is on November 17th at the Fayetteville location. Lord Fett expects it to be held there throughout the winter months.

Upcoming Meetings


  • 31st     No meeting – Halloween


  • 7th     Dance night
  • 14th   Medieval games
  • 21st   Business meeting
  • 28th  No meeting – Thanksgiving

Buckston Birthday

  • Everything for martial activities is in hand, according to our MIC and MOL.
  • We will need to get archery stands and targets from the shed
  • Their Royal Magesties are coming – we will need to supply a dayshade, a few retainers, and feast gear.
  • There will be a baronial court.
  • Our dance leader needed to step down; we will need to find another or a team.
  • Mistress Annora Hall has asked to do an outdoor cooking demo with her apprentice. Baroness Philomene is ok with it if the number of samples are limited and the menu is not too close to the food we are serving that day. Lady Caitrina will liaise with Mistress Annora.
  • There will be a scavenger hunt!
  • Kids games will run from 11-3.
  • The shed run will take place on November 7th (yes, meeting night.)


  • We took a vote to allow Una to rent the U-Haul needed for birthday; this was already in the birthday budget.
  • Aesa says she’ll have a budget for 2020 up before the November business meeting so we can vote on it.