Meeting Minutes – October 2018

30 October 2018 Business Meeting and Halloween Party Canton of Buckston-on-Eno
Attending: Jack, Michelle, Veronica, Chris, Keira, Tessa, Uberto, Una, Bambi, Wayne, Amy, Trina, Saxie, Laura, Aesa, John

Discussion centered on Buckston Birthday Bash; other business was tabled until next month:

  • Their Excellencies will attend the Birthday Bash and would like the 20×20 Baronial tent set up
  • The Rapier Marshall (Chris Snell/Percy Aldridge) will meet us for the site tour on Saturday at noon, Murphy School
  • The Kingdom webpage is showing the Birthday and has correct information
  • The Artifacts of Life A&S Display will be able to use the tables available on site; the exact number available will depend – troll, tavern games, kids and brewers will also use on-site tables
  •  No lattice will be used this year for displays
  • Eilon will do tabletop games, inside the Hall
  • There will be lots of dance

    Then we ate, drank and made merry!