Meeting Minutes – November 2018

27 November 2018 Business Meeting
Canton of Buckston-on-Eno

Attending: Aesa, Jack, Caitrina, Una, Jennie


Dec 4 – Tessa’s Europe photos
Dec 11 – Largesse for Adelhait (Landsknect)
Dec 18 – Short business meeting. Holiday Party – $15 and under gift. You can bring something you made. Potluck dinner.
Dec 25 – No meeting
Jan 1 – No meeting

Una will do a shout-out for future meetings – what would people like to do?

Ideas brainstormed at the meeting:

  • Perhaps part 2 of the Icelandic saga.
  • Maybe Michel’s taste class.
  • Leatherworking classes – Adam?
  • Heraldry meeting

After not having weapons available for thrown weapons at the last birthday, we are thinking about making our own thrown weapons set for use at demos and events.

Buckston Birthday

We had a discussion of sites:

  • Murphy School – Tuesday the 9th is booked; on the 16th they have the board room booked; on the 23rd we’d be competing with holiday fair. Cost for this site is $750.
  • Schley – the 9th and 16th are open, the cost is $150 for all. Must remove all trash from site. Una will call about the fields, which need to be reserved separately from the hall at no additional cost.
  • Other sites mentioned: Caldwell Community Center, Efland-Cheeks.

We discussed several theme possibilities, with a Labyrinth theme getting a lot of support due to the several easy hooks we can play with for the event.

If we are at Schley, which is dry inside and wet outside, we could have a popup with walls and heater to have a brewers meeting outside.

We want to repeat having space for guild meetings, as that was well-received.