Meeting Minutes – November 2017

27 November 2017
Business Meeting
Canton of Buckston-on-Eno
Attending: Jack, Michelle, Tessa/Jan, Veronica, Aesa, Una/Suzanne, Uberto, Brett, JC, Charles F., Arcturus, Laura 
Minutes Submitted by: Laura, Chronicler for Buckston-on-Eno

Buckston Birthday Review!

  • 139 total headcount
  • 15+ newcomers (pre-registered and at the door)
  • Feast fed 99 including meals for the cooks***
  • Much positive feedback regarding the “hot” lunch
  • Court held in both AM and PM
  • The Baroness was unable to attend
  • Birthday Financials:
      • $667 profit excluding lunch, after expenses
      • Feast collected $830.00
      • Feast reimbursed chef $990.00 inclusive of $60.00 over projected/approved budget ($880.00) and taking into account actual available meals including food for kitchen staff
      • *** Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, meals for kitchen staff and others were thrown out before they could be eaten
      • The tavern lunch fundraiser collected $315.00
      • Cost for U-Haul: $207.00
    • Cost for gasoline: $66.00
    • Cost for venue: $150.00
    • The celebration cake was a generous gift from Veronica, who graciously donated her time, effort and ingredients/materials
  • The exchequer will submit reports as required and will issue reimbursement checks as applicable (Cook, U-Haul, other)


  • Voted and approved to put the lunch tavern fundraising earnings of $315 into a “kitty” to fund future pub/tavern type events, perhaps with games, music.

  • A check for $185.00 was sent to the Barony; this is the amount left over from the WoW meal plan after all expenses were covered
  • May need a temporary meeting space due to construction at our current location
  • We may have a possible location for a Summer University bid – Excelsior Academy – has both indoor and outdoor space


02 December: Movie Night
12 December: Viking Wire Weaving
19 December: Business Meeting followed by Christmas Party

  • Potluck: bring food, no sign up
  • Gift swap: $15 limit
  • This will be the last meeting of the month

2018 Brainstorming:

  • Repeat / continuation of drumming gclass
  • Make largesse for Her Highness
  • Make personal banners
  • Repeat outdoor games (during longer daylight hours)
  • Multiple-night projects
  • Excelsior Academy Renaissance Faire is last Saturday in April (28 April 2018) – may help school with banners before event and conduct demos at event.