Meeting Minutes – May 2023


  • June calendar
  • Facebook access
  • garb loaning
  • Curia in June
  • Sir Walter Raleigh date
  • Birthday

June calendar:

  • 1st – Dancing
  • 8th – Bring What you’re working on
  • 15th – Bardic with option to Zoom
  • 22nd – Business meeting
  • 29th – Movie Night – the Sea Hawk (Errol Flynn)

Garb loaning:

It was agreed that the chatelaine would confer with the seneschal for all requests to borrow buckston’s garb in the future.  

Anais will be creating a sign out sheet (name, email and phone number) as well as a sign to be posted on event location sites saying that we will allow a 3 month loan term and that we ask borrowers to provide us with contact information. 

Facebook access:

Per the seneschal meeting with the kingdom – the social media deputy for the Kingdom, Shannon Keys, requested to be made an editor for social media pages.  Discussed and decided to do more research on this and get back to the group.

Permission to remove old non-participating members from admin of Facebook page.  

Sir Walter Ball:

It was decided to go ahead and Spike the ball for February 10th, 2024 with Charles as autocrat.

June Curia:

the agenda for the curia was announced


ideas shared – 

  • Feast – Tudor or Persian, for 120 guests at $15/pp
  • tokens – skeleton keys, Jolly Roger flags, poison bottles, different color rings, doubloons
  • Activities – heavy fighting, rapier, archery – with competitions such as tavern brawl, walk the plank, capture the flag, pirate ship teams, rubber band guns pistol duels
  • Caitrina – will come up with archery ideas – knives, hatchets, grappling hooks
  • Carving competition
  • macrame – knit tying class/competition
  • pirate hat class – official pirate hat
  • pin the eye patch on the pirate or hook or peg leg
  • talk like a pirate or limerick competition

Potential future site for newcomer events: Forest hills park was discussed (shelter, building, parking, open ground)