Meeting Minutes – May 2020

Buckston Business Meeting
28 May 2020
Zoom Meeting
In Attendance: Caitrina, Una, Jennie, Amy, Wayne, Aesa

The Windlore

Caitrina needs Windlore submissions. Spotlighting people can happen too. What information would she want? It can be anything! The only thing she needs a waiver for is sharing an artistic property or a portrait-style photo. Who-what-where-when-why.

From Caitrina: Tell me about the last event you attended, or the event you’re most missing and why. What improvements do you plan to make to your Pennsic camp? Favorite camping recipes, favorite at-home recipes. Fighters – what is your workout routine? What are your latest kit projects? Any A&S.  No sh*t there I was stories…


Reminder: Friday, June 5th, is the deadline to register. University is June 13th. You’ll receive links to the classes after registration closes.

Financial Report

We have a current balance of $5222.14. Since last report, we have spent $200 for the church where we meet, and  a $10 re-issued check for the College of Heralds.


In person or virtual? We are waiting on the health committee, kingdom guidelines, etc.

Una will be getting a quote on hand washing and sanitation stations.

It’s possible that Birthday could be a baronial champion day. Performing A&S, Static A&S, Rapier, Heavy Fighter, Bard, etc. They are waiting for a baronial-level event to pick their champions. Caitrina will liaise with Lady Diana should that occur.

We could move a lot of the event outside. Perhaps outdoor spaced tables. 

Might want to have people bring personal pavilions.

What could we do if we decide to have a virtual birthday?

Folks think that the Alice in Wonderland theme should be live. So, we’d want a different theme.

Karl will look into a ‘open lobby’ and classroom setup in Zoom. Like breakaway rooms.

The Salon had a big page with everything they had scheduled.

If we spike the event, we could still have a virtual court (“Ethereal Court”) LiveStreamed. 

We could do competitions – each person would show what they made and give virtual documentation. Voting via chat – the moderator could see. Or voting via Google Docs or Google Polling.


We’ll make the decision at the September business meeting. If we decide to postpone the in-person event, the competitions will be held when we have the in-person event.