Meeting Minutes – May 2018

29 May 2018 Business Meeting
Canton of Buckston-on-Eno
Attending: Hugh, Tessa, Aesa, Jack, Bambi, Una.

Meeting Space Discussion:

June 25th – Aug 24th our regular meeting space will not be available.

  • We can get the Cameron Room upstairs.
  • We won’t know if we can still hold fighting until the construction people get here.
  • Parking is unknown.
  • K’s closet will be open until December.

A motion was made and unanimously passed to keep our meeting place here during construction.

  • We will enter through the side stairs.
  • Aesa will put a notice on the web about the meeting place change when we are closer to the date.


Class Suggestions:

  • Tarpus hats? (Eilon)
  • Michel’s taste testing class / Medieval Palate class in the fall. Probably at least October because we’ll have access to the kitchen again.

Planning Schedule:


3 Movie Night
10 Belly Dancing (Bambi)
24 Business Meeting
31 Movie Night


7 Pennsic Pity Party

Buckston Birthday – 17 Nov 2018

Feast Questions from Gaelan / Jack:

  • How big are the tables? Around 6 ft.
  • Circle or rectangular? Rectangular
  • How many people at each? 6. 8 if you squeeze.
  • We can always rent tables from a party rental place if we need more.
  • How are we doing comps (for high table, etc.)? We will have up to 4 comps at high table.
  • Gaelan is thinking around 70 people for feast. He plans on $10 a seat for feast.


  • We are trying for $10 for admission.
  • Are we having competitions? There was some discussion of a brewing competition.
  • Sack races will happen again! We need to make sure it makes it onto the schedule this time.
  • Merchants will either be outside, or down in the hall if the weather is inclement.
  • Jack will talk to his contact and set up another walkthrough for Gaelan and perhaps Christoph.
    • Check on space for archery.

Other Roles for Birthday

  • Veronica is deputy autocrat.
  • Archery marshal is up in the air. Jack may fill in, but we will search for another because it would be difficult for Jack to juggle archery and autocrat duties that day.
  • Count Christoph is marshal in charge.
  • Philomene plans to organize a crock-pot lunch tavern again.
  • We will ask Michel if she’ll organize A&S

Open Hall
Jack envisions an open hall concept that is a little more informal than last year. He describes it as a large space with many activities going on at once: kids’ activities, dancing, competitions, table top games, fiber corner, brewer’s station. Lunch will likely be served in the open hall as well.

Bambi’s Suggestion: Kids’ heraldic cookie decorating (shield-shaped cookies)