Meeting Minutes – March 2022

Buckston Business Meeting
24 Mar 2022
In attendance: Una, Caitrina, Karl, Ríoghnach, Aesa

We are waiting on HYAA before we pay our rent to Schley Hall for Birthday

Barony has $250 toward an event. Aelfric may want to use it for a new Kapellenberg event; Caitrina wanted to know whether we could support him – yes!

We are looking into a bid for Summer University next year – Una will contact Piedmont Community College and also Juliana Grene from the university team. Anyone with other potential university sites please contact Una.

April 23 Demo

  • Still need an archery marshal
  • Can’t find rapier; haven’t heard from fiber people.
  • We have: dancing, heavy, table-top games, sekanjaban.


  • Kids idea: painting the roses “red”.
  • Scribal table
  • Discussion of having court during feast, a la Twelfth Night.

Upcoming meetings:

  • April 7: Social
  • April 14: Greek Mythology
  • April 21: Nalbinding
  • April 28: Business Meeting