Meeting Minutes – June 2017

20 June 2017
Business Meeting
Canton of Buckston-on-Eno
Attending: Tessa/Jan, Veronica, Aesa, Uberto, Jack, Bambi, JC, Trina, Michael, Una/Suzanne, Laura
Minutes Submitted by: Laura, Chronicler for Buckston-on-Eno


  • Seneschal (Jack) signed the most recent bank statement
  • Canton finances are sound and in the black
  • Motion carried to approve $100.00 for birthday event signsUna will purchase materials and submit receipts for reimbursement
  • Motion carried to approve $70.00 for printing 500 Canton business cards for ($36.00 +S/H) and for a 22’’x28’’ full color menu board for birthday feast ($25.00 plus tax)

Upcoming Arts and Sciences – tentative schedule:

  • 24 June: making tokens for the birthday party
    • Bring scissors and wear old clothes; we will be using permanent dye
  • 4 July: Buckston at the Bulls Game
    • Please bring ticket money by next week
    • Bambi will have a table set up near the box office
  • 11 July: Sign making OR Gold Key labeling/inventory
  • 18 July: Canvass banner making
  • 8 August: Signs part I – primer paint the permanent signs
  • 15 August: Signs part II – paint
  • 22 August: Birthday Cake tasting
  • TBD September: outdoor games night

Buckston Birthday Celebration!

  • Revised budget estimates:
    • Lunch: $200
    • Cash box: $50
    • Cake: $100
    • Prizes: $100 (NOTE – Tessa has donated pottery mugs and handcrafted wooden boxes and prize donations may be solicited. The Barony is responsible for all prizes related to Baronial events taking place at the Birthday Celebration.)
    • Craft supplies: $100 (hobby-horse)
    • U-Haul: $160 (estimate, four days)Expecting about 60 people for lunch
  • Expecting about 130-150 overall with 20-25 children
  • Efforts are underway and continuing to reach out to past Baronage and invite them to the celebration
  • Eilon bat Miriam will judge the brewing competition and will run the outdoor games
  • Brian Simpson has outdoor games that we can use however he will not be attending
  • There have been 2 announcement posts thus far referencing the celebration and the Arts and Sciences competition. The next post will include a request for any known contact information for past Baronage
  • Discussed possible dates for the cupcake tasting
  • Discussed options and pros/cons of hot spiced cider for luncheon
  • Next steps:
    • Prepare a comprehensive staffing list
    • Price paper goods for luncheon (bowls, spoons, hot cups) – Laura 


  • No one at tonight’s meeting attended Baronial Meeting Sunday, 18 June 2017.