Meeting Minutes – July 2019

30 July 2019 Business Meeting
Canton of Buckston-on-Eno
In Attendance: Trina, Saxi, Jack, Una, Jennie, Aesa, Caitrina.

Baronial Meeting

  • No August baronial meeting
  • Polling will begin in October – letters of intent. Electronic polling is opt-in. Opt-in option will begin on November 16th. Decision will be made on January 11th.
  • There was discussion about updating a section of the financial policy for the barony.
  • There is a new thrown weapons marshal – Edolf, new deputy seneschal for the barony
    He’s going to come around to each canton for a thrown weapons night
  • Gerard won the bid for Ymir
  • University bid was discussed
  • Still looking for a baronial herald
  • University in the fall, in Hendersonville – Hawkwood
    No bids yet for winter or summer next year.
  • Company of the Peel & Brewers guild are meeting on Aug 24th.

University Bid

  • We are contemplating a bid for summer. We will talk w/Drea about what we need to look for in a site.

Orange County Day Camp

  • We discussed the Orange County Day Camp, held Aug 12-16, and decided to decline participation for this year.

Meeting Space

  • We have gone through dozens of local spaces, all were prohibitively expensive.
  • Proposal: moving temporarily to Thursday night in order to take advantage of the one local free church option we have – United Methodist Church in Hillsborough.
  • Veronica motions, Aesa seconds. Approved with a unanimous vote, 1 member abstaining.
  • Starting in October, we will meet at the United Methodist Church on Thursday evenings from 7-9.


  • Veronica will be contacting marshals, guilds, vendors
  • Need to think about prizes.
  • Reservations will go online September 1st. No paypal – checks only, or cash if you can get to a meeting.

Exchequer’s Report

  • We have $4,647.00 in the Canton account.
  • Since last meeting, we’ve written checks for $224.93
    • $200    porta potty rental – Birthday
    • $24.93 muslin for tokens – Birthday
  • 2nd Quarter report turned in on time.
  • Visited the bank to get paperwork for the kingdom exchequer and her emergency deputy to be added to our account. The paperwork has been sent off to the kingdom exchequer for her signature. When they have both signed the form and returned it to me, I will take it to the bank.
  • Una is not on the account; Aesa and Una will set up a time to get her re-added.

Web Site

  • We are currently running without an official web minister. That’s okay.
  • If someone wants to volunteer who will do the entire job, Aesa is willing to train them.

Upcoming Meetings

6 Pennsic Pity Party
13 Viking Wire Weaving
20 Autocrat Class
27 Buckston Business Meeting

3 Dance
10 Nalbinding
17 Who’s Who in the SCA
24 Business Meeting

Upcoming Local(ish) Events

Aug 30th-Sep 1st – Known World Agriculture and Forestry Symposium
Sep 7th – Festival of Elvagast – The Wedding of Isabella and Oratio
Sep 14th – Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday
Sep 21st – Fall University