Meeting Minutes – July 2017

25 July 2017
Business Meeting
Canton of Buckston-on-Eno
Attending: Tessa/Jan, Veronica, Aesa, Uberto, Jack, Una/Suzanne, Brett, Laura
Minutes Submitted by: Laura, Chronicler for Buckston-on-Eno


  • The Seneschal report has been submitted
  • Exchequer report has been submitted. There are new guidelines and the Excel workbook and bank statement should be submitted along with the report
  • The Chatelain report has been submitted and Aesa received notification of acceptance

Upcoming Arts and Sciences – tentative schedule:

  • 1 August: Movie night
  • 8 August: Signs part I – primer paint the permanent signs
  • 15 August: Signs part II – paint
  • 22 August: Birthday Cake tasting
  • 12 September: hobby deer/horse assembly begins – may take more than one session
  • 19 September: outdoor games night combined with a Newcomer’s program
  • 26 September: Business meeting

Buckston Birthday Celebration!

  • Efforts continue to reach out to past Baronage and invite them to the celebration
  • Re: the lunch, a Troll or exchequer will need to set up and break down.
    • There will be a Troll class on Tuesday, 10 October, at the regular meeting
  • The schedule will be added to the website soon
  • A Windlore article will be written and submitted
  • Postings will pick up after Pensic and continue as we get closer to the event
  • We will have 5 dozen cupcakes, half lemon and half vanilla
  • Michelle has selected a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian soup and an apple dessert
  • A feast tasting for ~12 is scheduled for Wednesday, 30 August – invitation only, not general populace. Prep help seems welcome but not required.
  • Exploring option of having a silent auction


  • NOTE: If at any time you feel harassed or unsafe or if you witness harassment or unwelcome behavior, please bring this to the attention of the Baron, Seneschal or another member. See something, say something.

Baronial Meeting 16 July 2017:

  • Attended by Jack
  • The Baronial meeting centered around Pennsic
  • Registration is open for War of the Wings (WoW), including the camping selection drop-down