Meeting minutes January 2023

Buckston device is incorrect on multiple sites, including our website and Facebook page. The heraldry implies that the green portion of the device is above the blue with the bend (slanted line) going from top left to bottom right. Will be updated – Charles to send Una a digital file that is resizable.

Durham Savoyards reached out to collaborate during weekend of Coronation – it was determined that no volunteers were able to commit and our garb not available for shared usage.

Elvegast has asked to alternate an A&S night monthly with Buckston – trading places. Our church will be hosting a regular monthly group that will be using the large meeting area either the 2nd or 3rd Thursday of the month – Rioghnach to get back to us on which week. This day might be a good monthly date to set as the Elvegast date.

Aelfric and Christoph asking if the Church would permit weekly fighter practices on thursdays. Rioghanch will be asking on our behalf.

Sir Walter Raleigh Ball: notes per Charles

  1. Baroness Shrewlet will attend. She is bringing a “throne”.
  2. We have 14 people pre-registered through the Welcome Homeschool Group.
    Plus 19 through our online form,
    And 6 promised that I know of. That’s 39. We originally guessed 50-150 and I think it will be at least 50.
  3. We will probably have a DJ, not a band.
  4. I have reserved 20 tables and 60 chairs.
  5. We do indeed have security coverage until 11:00 PM.
  6. I asked about re-aiming the spotlights. It seems that many are burned out and the mall doesn’t want to replace them. However, they showed me a cool feature that we didn’t know about. There is recessed lighting above the bays in the wall that can be turned on separately. That should give us much the same effect.
  7. Yes, we may use their wall brackets.
  8. 14 banners are done, maybe 15. 3 in progress, 3 to trace the line art, 3 to sew, and 2 ready to paint. So more than halfway done.
  9. Advertising: 4 community calendars, plus Facebook groups for contra dance, one for fans of the NC Ren Faire, and one for Raleigh-Durham Nerdlife.All free.

Possibly meet weekly again in March – schedule to be determined in February business meeting.