Meeting Minutes – January 2021

Buckston on Eno Business Meeting
28 January 2021
Aesa, Caitrina, Una, Jennie, Sarah, Annais, Maria / Bambi

Sarah’s Project Idea

Sarah practiced her SCA Lending Library presentation on us, and will present her idea at the baronial meeting.

SCA Things That Happened Recently

There is now a protocol on how to do an investigation on a person in the SCA, should that become necessary –

Society Board of Directors meeting video is available to watch:

This jpg shows how to put custom verbiage on your SCA Zoom meeting:

Document on the closure of in-person activities in Atlantia through May of 2021:

Exchequer’s Report

EOY Report for 2020

  • We started the year with $5,422.14, and ended with $5,222.14.
  • Our only expense for the year was the $200 meeting space donation that we made to the church.
  • The End of Year report is posted in the files section of the website.

Budget Discussion for 2021

  • Straw man budget is on website. Budget was approved unanimously during this meeting.
  • Do we think Buckston Birthday will be an in-person event? Do we want to plan for virtual? Currently wait-and-see.
  • Ríoghnach will be taking Exchequer 101 at University this February, and then we can start working on getting her warranted and added to the account.
  • We don’t have an inventory list, and I anticipate needing one for the handover review of books. Do we have an inventory anywhere? If nothing else, can we get a count of the tubs of clothing we have? [Mentioned in-meeting: Una has games, Aesa and Caitrina (mostly Caitrina) have Gold Key, and Aesa has a list of our wooden signs that are located in the baronial shed.]

Officer Notes

Jennie’s A&S warrant has expired, and she is stepping down as our MOAS.

Upcoming Meetings

Google spreadsheet of upcoming meetings is here: