Meeting Minutes – January 2020

Buckston Business Meeting
23 January 2020
In attendance: Karl, Riannoch, Una, Caitrina, Jennie, Alice, Andrew, Aesa

Exchequer’s Report

  • 2019 Year-End Report is filed. The comparative balance sheet and income statement will be placed on the website. We went through the report in detail at the meeting. We started the year with $4,915.39 in the bank account, and ended the year with $5,422.14.
  • 2019 Buckston Birthday Report – we went through the report in detail at the meeting. Our cost for Birthday this year was $1,771.46, and we made $528.54 in profit.
  • We discussed a 2020 budget, including a $200 donation for our meeting site. The motion to pass was made by Caitrina and seconded by Jennie. The budget passed unanimously. It will be posted on the website.
  • Aesa (your exchequer) requested funds to buy a new USB thumb drive to back up our exchequer information. Karl has a new thumb drive that he will donate to us instead (thanks, Karl!)

Renn Fair Demo in Durham

The Renn Fair demo will take place again this year at Excelsior Classical Academy in Durham. It is set for the last Saturday in April (the 25th.)

Some tidbits from the demo discussion:

  • Sir Alain already has it on his schedule
  • Students from the school will be giving a walkabout tour
  • Goodie bags will be present for SCA volunteers
  • We need a face painter
  • Other ideas: candlemakers, fortune teller, fiber people, Bambi’s coffee & treats, Kids’ calligraphy (name on a bookmark, etc.), games.

Calligrapher and Illuminators Guild

Next meeting is Feb 2nd.


6 Dance Night
13 Court Heraldry Night (Catarina)
20 Newcomers’ Garb Night
27 Business Meeting

5 Dance Night
12 Bookbinding
19 TBD
26 Business Meeting

Future meeting ideas: holiday traditions throughout the year. Craft nights with an eye toward birthday bash.

Baronial Meeting

  • Elizabeth and Lucas are stepping up at YMIR. Lady Diana will be their head retainer.
  • NCMA Demo will be May 30th; Sir Alain and Lady Isabella are spearheading it.
  • Check your baronial newsletter for details on the above!
  • Events coming up: YMIR on Feb 22nd, KASF on Mar 7th.

Canton Ideas

Caitrina would like to do a newsletter for the canton. After discussion, she decided items on the local website as a blog would be better. We’d want a ‘news’ blog, gallery, etc. to post notes about classes we’ve done, etc.

Buckston Birthday

  • Schley is reserved.
  • Aesa will reserve the field through HYAA.
  • Bids for feast will be due to autocrat on April 1st.
  • We need to narrow down the ideas flying about for A&S. Maybe an online questionnaire?
  • Still need to figure out how we’re doing lunch; how to get meals out to the field.
  • Maybe have a barter town this year? We’re not sure how important it is to have ‘vendors’ per se.
  • Caitrina will be the field coordinator.
  • Aesa will be registrar, gate coordinator, webmaster.

Meeting Addendum

There was a quick business meeting at the Jan 30th meeting. In attendance: Una, Bambi, Riannoch, Aesa, Jennie, and Annais. Caitrina in attendance by phone.

A vote was taken at the Jan 30th meeting to set the feast budget for the Buckston Birthday feast, so we could put out the call for feast bids. $800 for feast was approved. Motioned by Una; approved unanimously. This is the same amount as the last three times we’ve had a full feast.