Meeting Minutes – January 2019

05 February Business Meeting
Canton of Buckston-on Eno

Attending: Jack, Michelle, Veronica, Tessa, Una, Bambi, Marci, Trina, Saxi, Aesa, Rochelle, Jennie, Laura


  • The doomsday report is complete and submitted
  • Aesa’s Exchequer warrant is signed
  • Veronica’s Chatelaine warrant is signed
  • Jenny will act as Deputy MOA
  • Rochelle will act as Deputy webmaster and eventually be warranted and take over this role from Aesa
  • We will begin having dance practice once a month on the first Tuesday and continue until the Buckston Birthday

Renaissance Faire:

  • The Renaissance Faire will be the last Saturday, 27 April 2019
  • There will be archery
  • There will not be thrown weapons
  • Better prizes are being discussed
  • There will be no mundane vendors
  • Several possible activities were discussed
  • Tickets will be used again

Birthday Bash Report:

  • Lunch fundraiser:  Lost $28.00
  • $240.00 income/$268.00 expenses for a loss of $28.00
  • Possibly make it a feast charge next year
  • Cleared $270.00 on Birthday overall
  • Profit was impacted by cost of renting Murphy School
  • We received very positive feedback on the event
  • Good feedback on the mashup with Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Poetry smackdown was a big hit

Upcoming events:

  • Tuesday, 11 February 7:00: Heraldry at the Buckston weekly meeting; please bring laptop if you can. Other cantons might attend.
  • Saturday, 9 February 10:00 AM: Chancery will meet at Paint Your Pot in Cary to make tumblers for YMIR and have casual meeting.