Meeting Minutes – February 2021

Buckston Business Meeting
25 Feb 2021

Attending: Caitrina, Annais, Jennie, Aesa, Una, Maria/Bambi, Ríoghnach

Meeting Schedule

3/4: Wattle Fences (Annais)
3/11: Social
3/18: Tablet Weaving (Jennie)
3/25: Business Meeting

Other Business

Ríoghnach took the Exchequer 101 course at University this month, and we’ve sent her warrant request up to the Kingdom Exchequer.
We will request a review of books.
Aesa’s warrant expires in March.

There was discussion about what to do with Birthday this year. Consensus is to wait until later in the year (Summer) to decide.

Caitrina suggests we start a YouTube channel – she will talk with one of the deputy KSMOs about any rules.