Meeting Minutes – February 2020

Buckston Business Meeting
27 February 2020

Talked about doing an Atlantian University, maybe either Summer of ’20 or hopefully Excelsior in the Fall or Summer of ’21.  Places we brainstormed to talk to were: Durham Tech CC, William Peace, UNC, some of the HBC (Historically Black Colleges), NCCU, Soldiers Memorial Sports Arena, and various local high schools.  I said that I would reach out to Adreana for advice.

Renn Faire:

Things are coming along with the school for the Renn Faire.  Prizes have been ordered.  We are looking at the arrangement map.  They have 10 day shades and should be able to provide as many extra table and chairs as we need.    It was recommended I talk to them about Porta Castle, snacks and volunteers. 


Need to make sure Catarina will still MIC and who to get as an MoL.   Hopefully the conflict of RP and our birthday will still provide enough local fighters to not kill the event.  However, we felt we could also go A&S heavier if that happens and we can move Archery and Thrown Weapons closer if we do not have fighting. 

Lunch at Birthday:

Andrew, Deputy Seneschal, raised the idea of making lunch $6 a person rather than $5.  He felt that if we’re already paying $10 to get in and $12 to eat feast that a filling $6 lunch shouldn’t be an issue to folks.  There was a good and healthy amount of debate to the pros and cons.   Issues: we would need extra $1 bills for change and should they pay at troll or at lunch?   How do we convince people a $6 is fantastic?   He pointed out if it’s a fund raiser then we should charge more. 

 **personal thoughts I didn’t write down but if I put them here I’ll have someone to remind me. – I feel like $6 is okay for lunch.  My plan is to do a High Tea and so it will be beautiful and elegant and filling.  I also think that since we normally do have great food at our events that people be rather okay with it.  Also, we will have lots of people who will not be able to leave site to do anything.  I think paying at troll will be fine for the lunch.

Feast-o-crat bid needs to be posted again.


Costume/Garb challenge – definitive as one is a mash up and one is straight up costume.   Make small pouches and buy little white rabbit tokens.  Each person gets a token at troll.  You may then find someone with a pouch and give them your token.  At the end, we count the tokens and announce the winner at court. 

Jabberwoky Jibberish – Poetry smackdown – Caitrina

Mad Hatter Hat Competition – Annise

Not your Ordinary cup of Tea – Jennie – I believe with this one it can be different tea blends and how they are made, to poisons and antidotes – much more science heavy than art heavy and with documentation. 

Each of us are to write up a blurb about the competition that can go on the website and in the Windlore.

Possible prizes:  little scrolls (me and anyone who might want to help), pocket sundials, and Amy (because I can’t spell her SCA name without looking) bought some mugs when they were at Disney so I feel like they should be the high end prize. 

It was a productive meeting. 

March  Meetings:

3/5 – Dance

3/12 – Book Binding

3/19 – New Comer’s Garb, Rnd 2

3/26 – Business