Meeting Minutes – February 2018

27 February 2018 Business Meeting
Canton of Buckston-on-Eno
Attending: Jack, Michelle, Aesa, Una, Cicero, Tessa, Uberto, Veronica, Allison, Brett


  • The Coronation of Una and Dietrich will on 7 April, it would be nice to try for Ottoman garb
  • Count Christof contacted Jack about conducting fighter practice; all agree this is a great idea
  • McManus has offered to teach a Known World Geography class for us


  • Seneschal signed the bank statement
  • There are no outstanding financial items


  • 17 November (third Saturday)
  • Jack will autocrat
  • Gaelen will feastocrat

Renaissance Fair Demo:

  • 28 April, 11:00 AM-3:00 PM
  • Veronica will be autocrating, Jack will be her Deputy
  • There will be an informal information meeting with the hosts (Excelsior Academy), Jack and Tessa may attend
  • We will have space for 3 arenas
  • We have approval for combat archery and thrown weapons
  • Arenas will be center with other activities around the outside
  • Heavy and Rapier will have 20’x30′
  • There may be room for archery
  • There will be a sound system and possible live music
  • Demos may include: cooking, blacksmithing, heraldry
  • There will be food trucks
  • Discussed the possibility of a “mini-court”
  • No vendor area but we can sell our own items
  • Need a Minister of Lists and a Marshall in Charge

Tuesday night activities:

06 March: Thank you notes for Una
13 March: Thank you notes continued and Ottoman garb
20 March: Calligraphy – Basic
03 April: Calligraphy -Intermediate
10 April: Devices
17 April: Personal banners
Additional topics for May and June: Outdoor games (with a rain plan), fabric dying, Drum Circle, Known World Geography (see above), Fighter Appreciation for Non-fighters