Meeting Minutes – February 2017

Meeting Notes – February 2017

We are without a chronicler at the moment, so you are getting my notes from the business meeting instead.  I’ve used some notes I took at the mini-meeting on the 14th as well.  -Æsa

Mardi Gras!

Next week (Feb 28th) is the Mardi Gras parade! We are marching in the parade instead of having our regular meeting.  Meet up at the corner of Corcoran & Parrish Streets across from the bull.  If you’re asking yourself “what bull?” don’t worry – you’ll see him when you get there.  Come in your kit.

Highlights from the Baronial Meeting

Ymir – show up at 6:30 if possible for shed loading.
Will need help for cleanup!  Sunday cleanup is 7-2.
Sophie will be doing some feast entertainment.
There will a court; Callixtus & Adriana’s last court.  10am on the field.  Please come!
There will be favors for sale for someone in the barony who is terminally ill.

Camelot: May 13th, Optimist Farm.  Chili night, games, there is a Facebook group for invitations.  Great newcomer event.  This is a camping event.

Demo – June 4th at the art museum in Raleigh.  Will be huge!  Isabella (chatelaine) is autocrat for the event.

Archery will recommence March 12th at Master Geoffreys.  There will be an announcement to the list.

Baronial officers & deputies: There is a new baronial social media deputy – need a baronial webminister.  Still looking for a herald replacement.

Thus endeth the baronial meeting notes.  Here we start the official local business meeting…

Local Business


They need lots of help; still need retainers for the baron / baroness.
Elizabeth Moss Rowan is currently coordinating.

Summer University (June 10)

On the 14th, we had talked about putting in a bid for Summer University, as no one had put in a bid yet.  We would provide people for troll, working the site, and perhaps a fundraising lunch.  Tessa is willing to autocrat; Charles mentioned that Ingrid may be interested as well.  Tessa, Veronica, and Ingrid were heading out the next day to check out Hawbridge School in Saxapahaw to see if it would work.  We voted on committing $500 toward facility rental and the vote passed (8/8).

Back to this week: it turns out that the school will work for University, and we put in a bid.  Then, someone figured out that another bid had been put in last December, but had somehow been miscommunicated or lost.  So, the powers that be are now comparing the two bids.  We will know whether we got it or not in a week.  If we did not get the bid, the current plan is to resubmit the bid for next summer.

Canton Officers Update

Seneschal: Jack has gotten the warrant and done the classes, but is still waiting to hear back.

Chatelaine: Tessa brought the warrant for Æsa to fill out tonight.  Will be submitted ASAP.

Webminister: Æsa will be the new webminister.

Future Meeting Ideas (part I)

  • sewing sweatshop (massive garb-making workshop)
  • movie night again (and again…)
  • tavern meeting  “Buckston social” – non-spiked event
  • Maybe have new tavern socials periodically (quarterly?)
  • if we get university, we need to do the troll class before university.

Buckston Birthday Bash

It will be held at the Church of the Holy Comforter in Burlington on November 18th.
There is field space for rapier and heavy fighting, a playground for the kids, lots of inside space, and a spectacular kitchen. Una is the autocrat.

Feast notes

Charles will be doing feast with his daughter Sylvia.

Veronica is making an EPIC cake.  Four layers, heavy with SCAdian symbolism; based on period pottery.  There is a kraken involved.

Plan for 80 seats; $10 a head.

The barony has a vendor’s license – we can get wholesale prices on meat.

We’d like to get a big version of feast menu w/pictures blown up large on an easel by troll to help sell seats.

Registration / Budgeting

We need to get the cost of the hall so we can properly make the budget.

Admission: $10 a head; $15 non-member, $5 per kid.

We need to have a ‘family max’ on the pre-registration paper.  Will discuss that later.


Do we want tokens?  Fimo / polymer clay mentioned.


Are we having an arts & science competition?


We need a place to play them at birthday.  Do we want to make some modern games period?

Active games in addition to the sack race.  Trina would like to make a giant checker set.

A la Carte Lunch

There’s a little house out in the field with a little kitchen in it.  Could handle some crock-pots.  Maybe make it into a little tavern.  Have the members of the Canton make crock pots full of two stews (one veggie and one not).  Soup / bread / cheese / drink / dessert.  Tessa has a friend who bakes bread who is willing to bake. $5 mentioned.

Hot drinks mentioned as well.  Possibly  lambswool, a spiced fruit cider.


Invite past baronage and waive site fee (possibly 12 people).  Unanimous – voted on & passed. They’d pay for their own feast.  We’d present them at court so people know who they are. 

March & April Schedule

Movie night – March 7th – Princess Bride
Norwegian history
Comedie night
Odile – April 11th

Future Meeting Ideas (part II)

Autocrat Class
Camp Kitchen Class
Retainer class
Game night
Sylvia – class on medieval peppers

The RenFaire Demo

Veronica is still trying to figure out the RenFaire at the school her daughter attends.  She suspects she’ll get more movement after the school musical in 3 weeks.  It should be some time in April.

Whew.  That was a lot of business – thanks for reading!