Meeting Minutes – August 2019

Buckston Business Meeting
27 August 2019
In attendance: Jennie, Caitrina, Una, Annais, Aesa, Philomene, Jack, Aric, Bambi

Baronial Meeting

  • Will be September 22nd
  • October meeting will be the Sunday before WOW (October 13th)

Chatelaine’s Report

  • We’ve had two new contacts – one here tonight (welcome, Annais!)
  • Caitrina talked with Margaret Ladd about how to do demos at cons. Apparently we used to have tables at NC ComicCon.

Exchequer’s Report

  • Balance is: $4,647
  • No expenditures since last month’s meeting.
  • Submitted paperwork on August 27th to the local Wells Fargo branch to add kingdom exchequer and her emergency deputy to the account. It will take 3-5 business days. Our bank contact, Mr. Rogers, says that we can do paperwork the same way to add Una to the account – she doesn’t need to come in.

Web Site

Buckston Birthday

  • Website is updated
  • HRM is our MIC, Kit is our MOL. We just need to provide a table / dayshade. MIC will provide all of our marshals
  • Contests are updated. Poetry particulars will be posted soon.
  • We still need to figure out some decorations & prizes.
    • Annais mentioned that there’s a cheap source of fabric in High Point that we could use. Leisure Fabrics on Bedford Street in High Point:
  • Philomene went over what she has nailed down so far for the menu. Aesa will post what we have to the birthday website. The details will be forthcoming after they get the recipes ironed out through taste testing.
  • Bambi may do Turkish coffee during the Tudor sideboard.
  • Volunteers will be needed: servers for lunch (cafeteria-style), an SCA background-checked adult for the kids activities, and troll.

Chancery Meeting

There is an upcoming class – an introduction to silk banner painting – on September 28th at Large Flood’s house, taught by Linda Sears. Kits will be available – open to everyone.

Idea for Future Meeting

History of interesting wedding customs – by Benetessa

Upcoming Meetings

3 – Dance
10 – Nalbinding
17 – Who’s Who in the SCA
24 – Business Meeting / Signage for Birthday

3 – Mulling Spices Make & Take
10 – Dance
17 – Cancelled due to WOW.
24 – Business Meeting / Halloween Party