Meeting Minutes – April 2020

Buckston Business Meeting
23 April 2020
In attendance: 
Una, Caitrina, Bambi, Ríoghnach, Jennie, Andrew, Philomene, Fett, Marion, Aesa.

Baronial Meeting

No Pennsic this year due to COVID-19.
Probably another video meeting next month.
There is a review of the baronial financial policy going on.
Summer university will be virtual this year.

Exchequer’s Report

This is our slow time of year – we’ve had no money in or out since January 1st. Our current balance is $5432.14.

That number does include a $10 check we still owe to the College of Heralds, due to the check from Buckston Birthday being lost in the mail. Aesa will work with Lady Geneviefve d’Estelle to get the check back out to where it belongs.

Quarterly report is in progress and will be submitted to Una for approval as soon as it is complete.

Buckston Birthday

There was a discussion of whether it is likely we’ll hold Birthday this year, due to COVID-19. We are worried both for the health of our volunteers, and of our guests. We decided that we will:

  • plan as if the event will happen
  • put competition information online in June
  • if we feel we can go forward, put an interest poll online in September to make sure we’ll have guests

Planning items:

  • look into the cancellation policies for Schley Grange Hall and porta-potty rental.
  • look into hand-washing stations, either from the porta-potty rental place or elsewhere.

University Hosting

Caitrina talked a little about hosting a University. Marion says: always ask about fire use, and messy classes. Important: location, and how many classes can you fit? 

Future Virtual Classes

Jennie suggests watching a virtual class separately, and then discussing it at our regular meeting time. People seemed to think this was a good idea. Una will put together a Facebook group of regular members so we can figure out what virtual class we will be attending. Members asked that it be either a night or weekend class, and not too late in the evening.

We also discussed having a ‘bring what you’re working on’ meeting, perhaps with cameras aimed at people’s work instead of their faces.

We had a discussion about whether we still wanted to meet every week. We are one of the few places that are still meeting. Decision: Yes, we’ll still meet weekly. Thursday, 6-8.

For this coming Thursday, April 30th, we’ll do a watch party for Alice in Wonderland. We plan to get together using twoseven software.

Scrivener Royal Competition

Marion (Kingdom MOAS) is having a competition to find the new Scrivener Royal. She is putting out a call to all artisans of Atlantia who are interested in the position to create and enter one or more (max. 3) scrolls that they feel are best representations of their skills in both calligraphy and illumination. At least minimal documentation (noting the tools, materials, inspiration, etc.) is recommended. You can find information here: