Meeting Minutes – July 2016

Meeting Notes: July 19, 2016

Venue: 210 St Mary’s Rd., Hillsborough, NC

Attendance – 9

*Some details have been edited for spelling, grammar, accuracy, clarity, and/or relevance

Items discussed and decisions made:

Buckston Birthday    

Location discussion: after a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of each site and two votes, the officers and members present voted to use the Schley location for this year’s feast rather than the Exchange Club.  Benefits include a better kitchen and a bigger feast hall (serving 80 rather than 40).  It will also give us more inside space, which will be important if the weather is cold.  The negative side is that it is a dry site and also has to have a hard clean done to it in two shifts (night crew before leaving and a next day crew).    Since we are now at a completely dry site, the Mead Competition will be scrapped and another competition put in its place.

There are still several volunteer spots open for birthday help:

  • Hall Steward
  • Field Space Coordinator
  • Kitchen Clean Up
  • Event clean Up
  • Retainers
  • Brute Squad
  • MOL Assistance
  • Vendors
  • Herald’s Point
  • Game Coordinator
  • Merchant Coordinator

We are using the theme of Largesse since that has been an ongoing practice within our canton and we have the competition.   Largesse in the form of small tokens for the kids, high table and feast tables as gifts would be great.  

Una would like to get together some games for people to play at birthday, and have them manned with someone to explain how to play.

We want to put together a box of “stuff” for the fighters as a prize.

Petty Cash

We are also decided that  “kitty” or “petty cash” fund could be put together and placed in holding for use at such times as the canton wanted to purchase gifts or other items for TRH, events or as needed and it would be logged as such in the reporting.  

Next business meeting is Aug 23rd.  

A&S Nights

It was discussed that at previously we had been scheduling A&S on all possible nights and we need to pull that in a bit and have A&S twice a month as it’s easier to get people scheduled.  


The Royals will hold court at the Birthday and would like 2 recommendations for awards.  Basically list why this person is a wonderful and what they do.  

Pennsic Announcement

For Pennsic, Magnus says, if you are staying with the Barony at camp be prepared to stay and help take down and clean up.  

Day at Arms is April 2017 – a co hosted event – discussed Optimist Farm

Discussed using Durham Academy for Winter University

Possible New Event

Discussed a possible co-hosting event between Windmaster’s Hill and Black Diamond (Roanoke), maybe around May or perhaps for a Pas event.  Think “A Knight’s Tale” – pomp, pageantry, heraldry.  Each team has a hearald, heavy fighter, fencer.   Extremely fun event.