Meeting Minutes – February 2016

Meeting Notes Feb 2, 2016

Venue: 210 St Mary’s Rd., Hillsborough, NC


*Some details have been edited for accuracy, clarity, and/or relevance

Gold Key: Diana in charge of [organizing] any repairs, etc.  Next business meeting on the 23rd Trey to bring next gold key bucket.

Ymir: Trey – please check with Nicolai about space on field … Either do a complementary bacon and coffee OR we can do Turkish coffee if Bambi is available.  Word is that they don’t want to compete with feast food so maybe if we don’t charge for the stuff it will be acceptable. 

Buckston Birthday: Baron and baroness confirmed – Nov 12th it is Most likely Suzanne/Lucia will be autocrat. Trey discussed highland games in lieu of fighting but, we should maybe get feedback from the barony on this. Trey looking into pig roast pricing for feast. And have a keg. Tessa to provide list of some places to contact with questions for bday location to Suzanne.  Goal to secure location by end of April.  A&S competition and possibly dancing and that’s it…keep it simpler this year

No meeting next week…Mardis Gras parade instead. Meeting at Corcoran St parking garage at 6:30 for those that are attending. Heraldry encouraged. 

Diana brought first round of business cards for Buckstonites to share with each other with Cicero in archer’s pose.

Diana also mentioned Facebook boosting by posting medical memes daily and sharing Buckston posts. 

Suggestions from members: When we have business meetings and planning A&S, etc., ask folks if they have items in advance to share/donate for the class.  There were several members who said they would have brought supplies for the stenciling we did today.

Box of toys/kid’s activities- to have at each meeting for kids.  If Trey/Trina could bring one of your wooden castle building blocks that would be great.  There is a drawer that looks available to use in bench seat of room we use.  Suzanne will continue to gather coloring stuff and simple games in a run for kids to play with.

Didn’t discuss/ need to do: Trey can you put it in fb calendar – the Mar 15th sword making event? And in the Google calendar?

SCAdian of month – for Feb or Mar? Not sure which month Diana covers.  How do we pick next person?  I believe Trey is the one who contact person with questions, etc.

Let me know if I missed anything. Please “reply all” if you want to add. 

I like to have these emails as a reference for the future when we ask ourselves all we’ve accomplished over the year and to make sure we know what we are all working on. 😁

Great meeting all!  Yay! Everyone I could tell had fun participating.