Business Meeting – October 2023

November Calendar:

  • 2nd Birthday Prep
  • 9th Birthday Final prep
  • 16th Social
  • 23rd no meeting
  • 30th business meeting

Kingdom/baronial news:

  • crown tourney – 1st week in november, lots of fighters reaching for crown
  • WOW – very smooth, Adelheit bid again for next wow autocrat, trying to get it a whole week long, SCORES used and blue ID numbers messed up for lots of folks (those that went to to renew memberships between June and August)

Seneschal deputy: need this position filled, Una/Suzanne Stacey volunteered for role

Reports all done: senschal, exchequer, MOAS


  • SCORES still in test mode, Adair to be contacted to go over how to use
  • schedule on website
  • staff positions filled – Benetessa A  & S, Rufus MIC, Caitrina archery, Isabella Gold key, Caitlyn hall steward, Ivy combat archery, Merry kids games, Amy Gibson merch coordinator, Adelaide bathrooms, Sophie comedia and dance, effenwaldt parking, Aelfric hearld, gate – Rioghnach and Una
  • All hands on deck meeting Nov 30th virtual
  • Nimenfeld lunch $5
  • camping – not in field, need steward
  • shed run – wednesday the 8th
  • gate – 9 am open to 3 pm