Business Meeting: June 2023

July Calendar:

  • 6th – Birthday Brainstorming and Social
  • 13th – Pirate Lore
  • 20th – Dancing
  • 27th – Business Meeting


Baronial Webminster, Adonea, made admin on buckston site as well as Charles Fleming

Upcoming Events:

  • July 8th – field trip to American Legion site for birthday
  • Sept 30th – bday test feast
  • Sep 9th – Duke Demo

Windmasters has put out a survey to populace for information receiving preferences

Weekly fighter practices need for marshal:

His Grace Cuan (Kingdom Knight marshal) advised Charles to finish his MIT and then put in official request o become the Buckston knight marshal.  in the meantime Buckston is not having official fighter practices (and does not need to report and can’t post announcements officially about fighter practices).  Duke Christophe will continue to hold his household fighter practices.

Covid language no longer required at events – per BOD

Duke Demo: 

Sep 9th, east side of campus, some indoor space will be available, information will be coming soon

KASF Hosting:

  • Buckston possible hosting with another canton or two at St paul’s Church in Durham
  • has kitchen, hall and classrooms
  • Caitrina will contact Sophie (Kingdom MOAS) about KASF hosting requirements and church on rental info


  • calendar conflict – resolved as there was a simultaneous event, Phoenix Eye, being posted and we moved our original site.  Both hosting groups have agreed to allow near events to compete.
  • budget – some possible expenses (portopotties, water, advertising), pricing for feast and gate were discussed, final voting on the budget will occur after the site visit – but, here was general agreement on the current proposal 
  • field trip to site – need to determine space available for various activities, Charles wants “u” shaped period pavilions surrounding the list field,  possible use of field for camping after use as fighting area
  • Event needs/Volunteers:
    • archery secured
    • thrown weapons – possible marshal in VA, aedulf already committed to another event
    • MIC – possiblyRufus Barabarosa – he is ok with us finding our own marshals 
    • rapier marshal needed
    • hall steward
    • gate volunteers
    • newcomers point
    • A& S coordinator
    • MOL
    • land steward
    • food flow control for feast – Caitrina
    • field coordinator – caitrina
    • kids acitivities – possibly Sophie
    • bardic
    • dancing
    • comedia – sophie
  • simple domain to use for signage
  • activities: 
    • treasure hunt in woods
    • wanted posters with info about famous pirates/privateers from period
    • kids wanted poster activity
    • graplin hook game
    • costume contest
    • brewing contest
    • poetry contest – shanties, talk like a pirate
    • science competition – navigation, knot tying
  • prizes: 
    • spyglass – Caitrina
    • cutting board with stag horns – Odile