Meeting Minutes – September 2022

Buckston Business Meeting
September 22, 2022
Maria, Caitrina, Anne, Ríoghnach, Karl, Una, Su Jin, Charles, Aesa

Next week:
Alice: Sci Fi version, and we will be stamping high table tablecloth, apron, bags for rabbit tokens. Please bring any stencils / stamps / paint.

Caitrina has an idea for making t-shirts for birthday. T-shirt for staff; we can sell them at birthday. Una suggests we do it for next year. Charles suggests that we might be able to get donors if we promise to put their names on the back of the t-shirt. Caitrina suggests that it may be a kingdom question, as to how donorship affects things with the treasury.

Caitrina will talk to Alain to see if he is going to bring the Eric.

October Calendar:
6: Troll Class
13: Cancelled for WOW
20: Bring what you’re working on.
27: Halloween potluck & business meeting

November Calendar:
3: We’re late, we’re late: birthday last-minute extravaganza. Bring anything that could be a prop for the photo booth.
10: Shed run.