Meeting Minutes – March 2017

We are without a chronicler at the moment, so you are getting my notes from the business meeting instead.  -Æsa


  • We still need a chronicler.
  • This is our first business meeting with Jack as Seneschal.  Jack’s term is two years.
  • We don’t have a Knight’s Marshal.
  • We should have some Marshals by fall.


MOAS (Una)

Most of April is planned; we have one day open to fill.

Exchequer Report (Caitrina)

Everything is normal; once Caitrina gets the March statement she will put in the report.

Chatelaine (Aesa)

The Ren Faire / Demo will go on this quarterly report.

Website (Aesa)

The website was down for 9 days, from March 13th to the 22nd – the webmaster (and the previous webmaster) only had login credentials for the WordPress side of the site.  We had a hard time getting login credentials for ftp access to the site.  The same day that we received the ftp login information, Aesa got the site back up and running.

Aesa will forward the login information to Jack so that he can have them for safekeeping.

Aesa needs to figure out some site logistics – whether we can get access to logs, and whether the site is automatically backed up.  She’ll try to find someone on the kingdom web team to fill her in.

Kids (Trina)

Nothing coming up right now.

Upcoming Events

Summer University

We did not get the bid for summer university.  It will be in Lynchburg, VA.


This Saturday is Coronation in Ellerbe.

Demo / Ren Faire

The demo will be on April 29th from 11 – 3.  We will have access to the grounds as early as we need that morning.

There will be a meeting next week to get the layout of what the school has available and planned.

Some volunteers have already been secured:

  • Margaret will marshal youth and heavy combat.
  • Brian is talking about doing food.
  • We have a bellydancer.
  • Sophie is helping with comedia skits.
  • Lauren will do glass bead making. 
  • There will be an armor petting zoo.
  • Tabletop games.
  • Clay for the kids to play with.
  • We will have a small stage – still need bards, etc.
  • There will be food trucks there.
  • We probably cannot do archery, due to the way the grounds are set up.

We don’t have a rapier marshal yet. 

Fighting needs: 20×20 area with rope.  They need a place to change as well.

Their excellencies might be coming.

If you want to do food, please note that the facility is a peanut-free, tree-nut-free place.  

Buckston Meetings for April (Una)

Movie night (1st week.)  Tessa is checking on a projector.  It will be Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

2nd week: Ingrid will come and do English Country dance.

3rd week: Leather pouches by Tessa.  Bring your leather punch or awl if possible.

4th week: business.

Future meeting notes:

Sewing sweatshop: (1) go through Gold Key and fix it up. (2) Sewing our own clothes for Pennsic (May/Jun)

Tavern Night – run it by Michelle to see if there’s a time she wants to do that.

Bardic – Dunstan will do another bardic at some point.

Buckston Birthday (Una)

Michelle is looking at food for the ‘tavern’.  She will do a dessert as well.  We are thinking of an ‘a la carte’ sort of plan with items at $1.00 each.


  • $15 non-members
  • $10 adult members
  • $5 kids 6-17 years
  • Free 0-5 years
  • Feast $10 each, for everyone.
  • Max family site fee price is 2 adults, 2 kids ($30 if members)


We are confirmed at the Holy Comforter in Burlington.  Will need the check 2 weeks prior to the date.

We can get in to decorate on Friday night.  We might want to decorate the hall with fabric to make it more festive.

Registrar: Caitrina.

Una will prepare the budget and send it to Caitrina.



Maybe a scriptorium.

Perhaps one or both of these could be a “Baronial Champions” event.  Una will check into that.

Fighting Suggestions

The fighting field will be near a graveyard, so Saxi suggests a graveyard fight after dark.  Cool idea, but Tessa says we can’t do it – we have to start breaking down the field at 4:00.

What kind of fighting tournament should we have?  Saxi – zombie battle w/gravestones with historical name markers.  The MIC (James) is in charge of that; we can suggest, but he decides.

Trina suggests for fighting: Buckston colors – flags – blue, white, green.  Pick a color at troll.  Catarina suggests providing arm ties for the fighters with a color on it.  Maybe a round robin or Bedford Points tourney, so everyone is fighting the whole time.  The idea is to get everyone more involved in the fighting by rooting for their color.  Perhaps each person’s cheering flag could be their site token.  We’d need to set aside some meetings for site tokens and arm bands.


We don’t know who the king and queen are yet.  We’ll invite the baron & baroness.

We’ll have homecoming at court – all of the past baronage will be invited by Tessa to come be presented at court.


Caitrina wants to do a cake-tasting night before birthday.


Should we have a theme? No need – our theme is ‘birthday’.

We have to be out of the church by midnight.

Banners and Such

It would be nice to have flags in three different colors to decorate the fighting field.  We could make general, non-birthday-specific banners we can use for several events.

Caitrina asks: Do we need a chamberlain?  One person to inventory and store stuff like banners so they don’t get lost.  General consensus was to wait until we’d made them and then find someone to do that job.