Meeting Minutes – January 2018

30 January 2018 (and 23 January 2018 business related discussions)
Business Meeting
Canton of Buckston-on-Eno

Attending: Jack, Michelle (23rd), Tessa/Jan, Veronica, Aesa, Una/Suzanne, Uberto, (Brett 23rd), Goshen (23rd), Cicero (23rd), Bambi, Laura


  • There are coming changes to the laws regarding hate speech – Society Level

  • Scriptorium is now the Chancellery and is inclusive of other crafts and awards, not just scrolls
    – Michelle is Vice-Chancellor
    – Will hold meetings the 2nd Sunday of each month at different SCA homes (11 February at Tankred’s)
    – Will have a dedicated Facebook page and may plan quarterly field trips; all are welcome

  • Jack will have a day shade at YMIR – may not be adjacent to primary field

  • It would be beneficial to have one or more additional Combat Marshals. For anyone interested, it is not necessary to be a fighter to be Marshal but there is a required class and some in-service training requirements that must be completed before a prospective Marshall can be warranted.


  • The fourth quarter report is completed and will be submitted. The imbalance of $59.54 has been resolved.

  • The Doomsday report is balanced. In future, the 4th quarter report will be the Doomsday report

  • The Canton has a yearend balance of $4618.18

Birthday 2018:

  • Location and dates are set and we have paid a non-refundable deposit

  • Announcement soliciting bids for autocrat and feastocrat will go out and voting will be the first week of March

  • Motion made and passed: the announcement for bids will include dates and location and make clear that these are settled matters


  • 02 February: Movie night

  • 13 February: Mask making

  • 20 February: Mask making, continued

  • MARCH: largesse, several ideas were discussed including the possibility of partnering with Madrassa. Inquiry will be made re: the suitability of a stencil on a silk favor.