Meeting Minutes – August 2021

26 August 2021 Business Meeting
Canton of Buckston on Eno
via Zoom
Caitrina, Aesa, Una, Ríoghnach, Annais, James, Maria (Bambi)

Buckston Birthday

  • Since the pandemic isn’t over, it was renamed ‘The Optimistic Pandemic Party’ with the tongue-in-cheek subtitle (When will this be Effen’ Over?) with much discussion of using Efenwalt’s likeness on the website if he agrees.
  • November 13th; a social with bonfire and BYOB, Optimist Farm.
  • Cap of 50 participants, including staff
  • Participants must all be over the age of 21
  • From 2pm on (to have time to set up camp before dark.)
  • We will not have the Porta Potty, in order to save money. The clubhouse has indoor toilets.
  • The contract states no music after 10:00pm, but the owner indicates it’s fine so long as it is not amplified (no drum circles after 10:00 would be good.)
  • $10 per person for members, $15 for non-members. Camping is included in the fee.
  • We’ll need to figure out what we’re doing for sanitizing stations, masks, etc.
  • We’ll need volunteers to show people where to park and set up camp.
  • Registration will run Oct 1 – Oct 31.
  • Checks must be received by November 6th or your registration will be cancelled.
  • Cancel up to the week before for a full refund. If you have to cancel within the week under a hardship circumstance, please let us know.
  • We don’t plan on using an online reservation system, so anyone cancelling will get a full refund.
  • A refund request must be in writing; refunds will be issued within the usual kingdom timetable for after an event.

Future Meeting Information

The church is suspending in-person activities for the time being. Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will be held via zoom.

2nd – social
9th – minimum wastage tunic p 2 (Ríoghnach reserved the shelter in Hillsborough)
16th – BYOB (Bring your own basket) – bring what you’re working on.
23rd – Buckston Business Meeting
30th – Movie night – King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Baronial Meeting Notes

  • So far, War of the Wings is still happening. If you want to camp with the barony, contact Philomene.
  • KSAF will not happen in Pittsboro.
  • Ymir still needs an autocrat.
  • Next baronial meeting is on November 12th at the Lions Club.
  • Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday is Labor Day Weekend at Eichenberg Castle.

Website Notes

The YouTube channel needs to be added to the website.