Meeting Minutes – January 2016

Officer’s Meeting Notes Jan 2, 2016

Venue: Tessa’s House

In attendance: Janice, Bambi, Trey, Suzanne, Melissa

*Some information has been edited for accuracy, clarity, and/or relevance –

What a flippin’ fabulous and productive officers (seasoned and new) meeting!  I will outline the meeting notes below since we discussed a lot and since it’s always good to be on the same page and have a quick reference for us if we forgot anything. Please correct me if I mistake any info here.  

I highlighted names of those of us who have taken on responsibility of certain events or tasks.

Trey please can you post this Tuesday’s event – I feel like an idiot that I can’t remember what the project is called.  Please ask Melissa or Bambi.  

Weekly meeting location: the church is available every Tuesday from 7pm onward.  The passcode is <XXXX>.

Possibility of online meetings if needed. *Update – according to SCA rules, this is NOT allowed.

Picture Permission Waivers – Need to start using these for use of member pics to be posted on FB or website

Monthly Meetings every Tuesday.  Set plan: 

  • 1st Tuesday – Give Back Nights – giving back to kingdom, barony, canton or community
  • 2nd and 3rd Tuesday – A&S Night
  • 4th Tuesday – Business Meetings and either finish previous A&S project or work on your own project
  • 5th Tuesday months – Kids day projects/events

Other ideas for monthly meetings: 

  • Draw from hat – topics placed in hat – members draw and have a month to prepare five to ten minute presentations on topic
  • 1 day/month unfinished project/social
  • flex Tuesday
  • members and newbies – anything you are interested or need in mundane world, find the medieval equivalent and research it and we’ll make it
  • Stitch n’ bitch – fixing gold key items (also currently held at Muir’s house at String Thing in Durham)
  • Largess/Dirty dozen
  • Feeding others in the community
  • non-church site events – field trips or folks offering up alternative places to hold local A&S or combat shin dig
  • Swap shop 
  • Baronial level dirty dozen contest – 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes and those that go to royalty
  • field trips to kingdom events –  renting bus and U-Haul

Webpage and Facebook admin: *Clarification – Nothing is “Official” unless posted on official web page,, or sent to WH Announce.

  • sequence of info to each site: create a Facebook event > post as a link on Canton page > put into Trey’s Gmail calendar (which then gets posted to Windmaster’s hill page)
  • Trey suggested we could create an email account that multiple people can have access to that would be the default Gmail calendar account that could be updated directly to WH calendar.  It is currently Trey’s email account/calendar.

Sharing events or calendar:

  • each event/calendar page should be posted in several places – Facebook page, google calendar, Buckston website, Buckston email list, and WH Announce (it was determined that the keep is unnecessary if it is posted to WH Announce).
  • the Baron and baroness are also asking for emails on a regular basis to them about what we did at our weekly meetings


Info packets and website link ideas for newbies: Diana’s project

  • video interviewing different current members of Buckston and their experience within the SCA
  • YouTube channel
  • pic of someone participating in an A&S or other activity with a link for “if you want to learn more go here” 
  • Buckston business cards that all members can fill out to share their name, etc with others.  Idea of several different cards to choose from – combat, A&S activity, etc for example *Update – In progress and well received so far!
  • call out to newbies to volunteer
  • a page calendar that gets updated quarterly within folder
  • latest WH newsletter
  • pics of our culturally diverse members doing SCA stuff 

SCAdian of the Month Interview: posted to the website and fb.  Showcasing history of individual within SCA and any awards, devices, etc. – Headed up by Trey – Melissa (Diana) to be January SCAdian of the Month

University on February 6th: it was suggested that officers take their respective course at university for their office

It was suggested the Dunstan will need a shadow in the next year to replace exchequer position. That person will also have to take a course.

What events to attend:

  • follow royal progress
  • jump in an volunteer at events
  • Represent canton – eg. coffee and bacon
  • have specific events that our canton attends each year to have a presence at event and have a central location for members to co-mingle while attending
  • pick a personal theme or skill want to learn and go to events hosting those activities related 


Gold Key: Needs to be washed, repaired, and sorted. Distributed to officers so more than one person can bring to events.

  • Once all the gear is sorted and repaired it will be grouped into family units so there is something for all members and separated into two or three locations so there are three folks that can assist newcomers with gear.

Quarterly Focus:

  • 1st quarter – getting new schedule up and running along with new officers
  • 2nd quarter – Buckston heraldry/ Buckston presence – sheet wall for WOW and Birthday with our main device and then member devices around the border, Banner for 50th, Baldrics, belt favors
  • 3rd quarter – give back/gift exchange with sister city Okinawa

Calendar for 4 months:

January – 

  • 5th – Largesse – um…can’t remember what they are called (help Bambi, Diana) cardboard (Lucia), yarn, pins (Diana), scissors.
  • 12th – Awards – Lady Adriana presenting – what are they and how to submit them
  • 19th – Brewing Mead – with Lord Jauma
  • 26th – Business meeting – events this past month and events for the upcoming month, university, Ymir, gold key (Trey to bring half the stock) sorting and plan for repair, etc., SCAdian of the month for February pick

February – 

  • 2nd – Queen’s Favors – Tessa to contact queen and ask what favor she would like us to make – get a copy of her emblem
  • 9th and 16th – Viking Night – in preparation for Ymir – Cicero Viking mittens, Lucia Viking hood
  • 23rd – Business meeting – contact autocrat Nicolai for Ymir (Diana I think) to see if we can do a table for bacon and coffee again this year, gold key review and repair (Trey to bring second half), SCAdian of the month for March 

March – 

  • 1st – Needle Books – (Diana
  • 8th – Illumination – (Lucia to find instructor – call Kit, Tankred, Lucia or Tessa) 
  • 15th – Sword making – Trey teach or find instructor and possibly marshall
  • 22nd – Business meeting – gold key review and fix, SCAdian of the month, planning for next quarter meetings
  • 29th – Kids meeting – Shooting stars – Trina make felt or card stock stars and toss them.

April – 

  • 5th, 12th, 19th – Give Back – Buckston Banner project and bring your own ongoing projects – contact Darma Silks and buy bulk silk, dye and resists for banner and individuals to purchase and make their own banners, see if we can borrow Kepellenburgs’ and Muir/Francesca’s frames 
  • 26th – Business meeting – SCAdian of month, next month’s events


Please let me know if there is anything else to be added.  I won’t necessarily make a habit of meeting notes but, this was a big one and lots of things were discussed so I thought I’d share it since I used to be a secretary… sort of.  

You are all awesome and I really look forward to a great year.  

Have a great week.  See, ya’ll soon.

Suzanne/ Lucia