Meeting Minutes – March 2018

28 March 2018 Business Meeting Canton of Buckston-on-Eno

Attending: Jack, Aesa, Una, Tessa, Uberto, Veronica, JC, Laura


  • Next chancellery meeting is 20 June
  • Chancellery field trip to John Neal Bookseller in Greensboro Saturday, 12 May
  • Discussed alternate locations for meeting during church construction now that projected dates are known
  • Fighter practice can still happen at St. M’s
  • Might need to have alternate activity on movie night dependent on available equipment


  • Motion to order checks, seconded and passed
  • Veronica (canton exchequer) will be meeting with regional exchequer to review books, Aesa will also attend

Fighter Practice:

  • Chris is available for fighter practice beginning he second or third week of April, after 05:00 PM
  • The schedule interval is TBD but most likely start with 2x per month and adjust as needed
  • Chris has limited loaner gear


  • 17 November (third Saturday)
  • More in-depth planning (budget, etc.) will begin at the April business meeting – 24 April

Renaissance Fair Demo:

  • 28 April, 11:00 AM-3:00 PM
  • We have three vendors thus far
  • Will require a shed run
  • The ticket scheme will apply to food, active demos, games, archery, calligraphy
  • Una and Aesa will cover games
  • Michelle will cover calligraphy
  • Some popups may be available
  • We must determine our needs with regard to popups, tables, chairs
  • Suggested activities include making shields from felt and sack races
  • Suggest scrolls to be made and awarded at the Faire: “thank you” scroll for the school and a farewell scroll for Rachel Brune who is moving out of Kingdom
  • Faire is open to the public; last year’s headcount was ~800

Tuesday night activities:

  • 10 April: Devices
  • 10 April: Personal heraldry TBD
  • 17 April: Personal banners
  • 24 April: Business meeting
  • 1 May: Movie night and tissue flowers
  • 8 May: Outdoor games weather permitting
  • 15 May: Baby shower
  • 22 May: Geography of the Known World
  • 29 May: Business meeting