Meeting Minutes – July 2018

24 July 2018 Business Meeting
Canton of Buckston-on-Eno
Attending: Jack, Veronica, Aesa, Tessa, Uberto, James, Una, Laura, Brett


  • We are meeting upstairs while the building is undergoing renovation
  • Discussed getting our own (Canton) domain name and website host after continuing problems with Kingdom website administration
    • The cost would be ~$100/year for domain name and hosting
    • A motion was made in favor of getting our own Canton domain name and host, provided in compliance with SCA, Kingdom and Baronial governing policies. Motion was seconded and carried
    • We will review policies and make inquiries as needed to determine if this is allowable


  • Discussion of the proposes Canton financial policy; Caitrina and Aesa will incorporate the agreed upon edits and we will revisit at the August business meeting
  • We are balanced, there are no outstanding checks
  • Report submitted
  • Seneschal signed the statement
  • We have $4712.18 as of June 30

Baronial Meeting:

  • His Excellency attended
  • There will be an inventory of the Baronial Shed the weekend after War of the Wings
  • There is a call for Baronial awards for Pennsic
  • There will be a retainer gathering point at Pennsic and donations for “retainer pouches” are being solicited
  • Ymir will be at the same place as last year
    • Vikings vs Russians
    • Rowan is Autocrat
  • November Winter War will also be at the Ymir location
  • Discussions begun about purchasing a Barony Pennsic tent rather than renting and tent and releasing the “Pennsic” storage unit in favor of a trailer

Buckston Birthday 2018:

  • Gaelen needs a headcount and ideas
    • Estimating $800 to cover 80 meals; this includes comps for high table
    • We will request a budget from Gaelen
  • Budget very near to last year’s budget
    • Site rental is more – $750 this year
    • Propane will be a separate line item
    • We may need to rent tables for feast
    • NOTE: Final birthday budget was approved at the 31 July meeting
  • There will be a lunch tavern fund raiser
  • Vendors are welcome – this should be noted on the website
  • There will not be a formal A&S competition, more of “show and tell”
  • There will be fighting, we will try to include archery but will need a Marshall
  • We have supplies for “make your own shields” for kid’s activity


  • Veronica will oversee lunch
    • Fundraiser, the funds will belong to Buckston
      • Suggested cost of $5
    • We will not have access to the school kitchen but may be able to use the culinary lab
    • Will be a served buffet
    • Modern palate food, not period
  • Need gate volunteers
  • This is a free event
  • Discussions are underway to see if this can be officially a Demo event which would allow the school’s (venue) students to attend without a waiver
  • No weapons, no alcohol, no fire
  • There will be a designated clean-up crew; “before” photos will be taken of each room

Tuesday Night Activities:

  • 7 August: Pennsic Pity Party
  • 14 Aug: Movie night – Horrible Histories
  • 21 August: Fabric Dyeing
  • 28 August: Business Meeting