The Traveler's Guide to Buckston: Birthday Bash 42

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A fabulous feast of tavern-style comfort food is on order from Meister Gaelan mac Cuinnegain. There will be vegetarian dishes available. We have limited seating for feast. To guarantee your seat, pre-register for feast as well as your entrance to Birthday. 


Lentil pottage with mushrooms
Roasted chicken with peppered mirepoix sauce
Beef sausages
Butter fried acorn and butternut squash
Parsnips and carrots
STC with bread
Fried apple sliced and baked apples

There is the possibility of lemonade and/or spiced cider

Lunch Tavern

Have a warm, tasty lunch at the Tavern at the End of the Known World for just $5. 

Choose 1
Aztec Tacos
English Pigeon Stew
Peasant’s Vegatable Stew
Andalusian Solder’s Couscous

Choose 1
Postres (Arrozo con Leche)
Chireseyes (Cherry dessert like a bread pudding)

served with your choice of bread or gluten-free bread