The Traveler's Guide to Buckston: Birthday Bash 42

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Martial Activities

We will have a host of martial activities available, including heavy fighting, rapier, thrown weapons, and target archery.


The main Rapier tournament for the day will be a Swiss 5 Round Robin. You will fight every person in your list in each weapons form: Single Sword, Sword & Dagger, Sword & Buckler (or hard parrying), Sword & Cloak (or soft parrying), and Case. If people still have energy after that, we will open for pickups.

Arts & Sciences

This year, we are celebrating the Arts & Sciences by holding a festival in our main hall. We will have a large, open hall for activities as well as show and tell. Artisans from throughout the Known World are invited to bring their craft to demonstrate and/or display in a low-pressure, friendly atmosphere. Novice or master, we’d love to see what you are working on. If you are not an artist yourself, please come on in and see the wide variety of talent we have in our midst.

Artifacts of Life: A&S Display

Bring out your artifacts; the objects that mean the world to you and your SCA experience. Perhaps a token from an admirer, or a token from an event. Perhaps a banner that you won from a tourney, or a handmade favor given on a special day. Awards, photographs… any object that you consider to be an artifact of your SCA life can be displayed.

There will be tables, 3×5 cards on which you can write a small description.

This display is organized by Michel Almond de Champagne.

Vogon Poetry Contest

As you may know, in the far reaches of the universe, Vogon poetry is the 3rd worst and they take great pride in that. We hereby challenge all who would dare to craft their version of the best or worst Vogon poetry and recite it at celebration. This unfortunate reading will take place from 11:30 to 12:30 in the main hall so you will have plenty of (un)willing audience members. I state for you – THE RULES:

  1. You do not need to write your poem on site (unless you think the pressure will increase it’s chances of being truly terrible).
  2. If you cannot attend at the time but have a written work a you may leave it at Troll and it will be brought to the reading and a proxy will be assigned the odious task.
  3. Poems should really not last more than 2-3 minutes and should not be shorter than 1 minute, even if the crowd wishes otherwise. At the whim of the judges you may be asked to read a second time but let’s hope for all our sakes, once is enough.
  4. A panel of 3 Judges (looking for volunteers) will measure the discomfort of the audience; groans, noises of disgust, eye rolling, and possible laughter. Only the judges will know what they like or not.
  5. Judges will debate, if they are all still able to, and a prize will be awarded immediately.

If you would like to participate as a judge please contact Lady Caitrina inghean Fhearghuis through facebook, through email at buckstonexchequer [at] yahoo [dot] com or find her at the celebration.